Moving Towns? How to Help Children Understand the Reasons Why

Moving from place to place isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There’s finding the home, packing up, registering, transferring services and so many other gears just turning to make sure you end up in the house you want to be. For those of you that are parents, it can be especially tough to do. There are questions that you haven’t prepared for, some being: “How am I going to sell my house? How am I going to explain this to the kids that we need to move?” Well, there may be a way to handle all of this, here are some steps to go about this change for you and your family.

Sell Your Home

We all know how important the kids are and how big this change is, so the first thing you want to do is have a look at some houses according to your likes and dislikes. Talk to your child about what their “dream house” would look like. After that conversation, start looking for a realtor to help guide you on how to sell your current home. That may include: finding out how much your home is worth, financial and cosmetic obligations, staging the house, and listing the home for sale. There are a lot of things that go into selling the home, but it’s down to you and your realtor to take that home and sell it to benefit you and your family financially.

Little Ones, Big Changes

You, as the parent, have the opportunity to go on this journey with your child. Now, what if the child doesn’t want to move, and wanted to stay close to their friends? That’s a tough spot to be in because you strive to give your child what they want and want them happy. So, how can you explain it? Talk to them. Answer any questions they have in a way that’s not overwhelming. It’s okay to talk to them about why you have to sell the house. Whether it’s for a new job for you, or moving closer to loved family and friends, your child will embrace the change as long as you get their opinion on the home before purchasing and everyone is positive about the move.

At the end of all this mayhem of trying to sell your home and move, the steps to take are pretty straight forward, just takes time. To put it simply, you have to take initiative. Speak to your realtor and trust that your realtor to help you with the selling process. As far as your child goes, connect with them, and acknowledge their feelings and questions. When you address the concerns, remember to be positive, and be excited to be in a new place.

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