Booked a Holiday for 2021? What You Need to Know 

With Covid-19 restrictions easing over the next few months, people will be hopefully looking to get away on holiday somewhere.   Brits love their summer holidays either going for a week away somewhere nice in our own country or taking a jet to somewhere much sunnier.  It is important to prepare effectively though to make sure that your holiday plans are not ruined.  Here are some of the things you should be considering.

Travel Insurance

It is recommended in all cases that if you are travelling abroad you have a level of travel insurance.   Especially in a world where they are recovering from a global pandemic and some of the local health authorities could be struggling.   When looking at  insurance for your next trip, you should consider what this covers. People can get insurance that covers only the basics such as medical care or loss of goods.   Other more comprehensive insurance packages will include any loss as a result of your holiday being cancelled. This can include the hotels, flights and transits to airport. Make sure that you read all the details in the policy carefully and not just automatically go for the cheap one as the substance of what it is you are insured for is important.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Although hopefully, things are beginning to ease slightly due to the vaccination rollout for Covid-19, there are still many restrictions in place and will be in place for a long time. The UK are ahead of most other countries in terms of the vaccination rollout and as a result, we can expect to see holidaying in the UK hopefully something that can happen quite fluently.  This may not apply though to holidays abroad where their vaccination rollout is not as advanced as the UK and there may still be restrictions in place. 

Some of these restrictions could include only “essential travel” to that particular country or it could even involve you having to quarantine for a period of time either in arrival of the country or when you come back to the UK. You should read the government guidelines before you travel as it will detail the information for each country (although can be subject to change if circumstances change).

Holiday Prices

It is fair to say that most people have not been on a holiday for at least a year and many Brits are desperate to jump on a plane to somewhere nice as soon as it is safe to do so.  As the government has now announced the easing of restrictions, people are all jumping on the band wagon to get a special holiday booked as soon as possible. This has then had a direct affect on prices of aeroplane tickets and hotels.   This industry has been smothered for the last year and have been struggling to stay open (some have not managed to do this and are not bankrupt) and there is likely to therefore be a boom in holiday travel nearer the end of the summer in 2021.  It is important to shop around for your hotels / airlines as quick as you possibly can as already, people have started these bookings.


Hopefully, there will be some level of normality soon as we fight our way globally through this pandemic and the signs are looking good.  When looking to book a holiday for this year, it is important to prepare effectively and shop around but also look at the government advice on travel.  Be sure to get quotes for travel insurance and read the details on what is covered carefully. 

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