3 Problems Everyone Has With Wall Painting: How To Solve Them

When it comes to home projects, there are two types of people in the world: the DIY people and ‘hire-a-pro’ people. If you’re a DIY person and like to take on the home improvement projects yourself, you must take into consideration many things. The problem is that some of them you realize only after having done them a few times. Even though it’s much simpler to hire a professional to do a job, there’s something satisfying in achieving the desired effect with your own two hands. If you’re one of these people, and you’re considering painting your home, take a look at the most common pant problems and how to avoid them

Paint streaks on walls – how to get rid of them

Paint streaks are surely one of the most common problems layman painters encounter and many of them (us) don’t even know that there are a few types of paint streaks. However, with these tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to fix paint streaks on walls in no time.

One of the problems can be a raised line on a freshly painted wall. This happens when your roller is soaked with paint and you press it too hard on the wall. You can solve this problem easily by sanding off the raised line. Make sure to sand lightly in order not to sand off the paint coat as well. You might need to touch the wall up a little bit afterward.

Another problem that can easily happen is uneven streaks on walls. This is a result of more paint in some places and less in some other places. You can fix it as soon as the paint coat is dry – you’ll need to paint another one to even it out.

Additionally, if you use a brush when painting the walls in your home, you can end up with uneven brush marks. If this happens, you can solve it simply. You’ll want to sand off any raised lines (if they are present) and touch up the problematic places. And if you’re dealing with uneven brush marks, wait until the coat is dry and apply one more on top of it. 

The problem of flaky paint

Many people have trouble with flaky and fading walls. The reason for this is usually bad quality paint. That is why you should always go for a high-quality paint that ensures durability and performance. These kinds of paint are so durable that you won’t be needing a painting job unless you want to change the colour! When you hire professional painters, they won’t only do the job correctly and without mistakes, but they’ll also be prepared to offer you advice on some of the premium paints you can use. Moreover, they can give you professional tips on suitable colours and trending colour combinations. 

How to prep the walls and add a final touch

All the professionals suggest that prepping the walls in the right way is the key to achieving marvelous looking walls. When starting a painting job, rule number one states that you should wash the walls from top to bottom. You will get the best effect when painting clean walls. Next, you should use a primer in order to achieve optimal and even colour. Moreover, if your walls are covered in some stains that you couldn’t remove by washing them, you should use a special primer for those instances. And the last, golden rule for vibrant colour walls, apply the paint coat two times for an optimal effect. 

If you’re a DIY kind of person, these tips and tricks will help you in achieving the WOW effect when it comes to painting walls and improving your home. And if you’re the other, hire-a-pro kind of person, make sure to have all these things in mind when discussing a painting job with the pros. 


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