How to Make Your Home Lighter and Brighter

A light and airy living space is something that many people crave for their homes. A light and fresh home gives a feeling of spaciousness, making the room look larger and brighter. Giving your rooms a makeover to get them looking light and bright doesn’t need to be complicated. There are some quick and easy tricks that you can implement to get your home looking great in no time. Here are some top tips to transform your home into a light and airy place to live:

Start with the Basics

Two things will always prevent your home from making the most of the light; the first of these is dirty windows. When the outside of your windows are covered in pollen, dust, and watermarks, your home’s inside can appear dull. Professional Window Cleaning can make a significant difference, and you will be shocked at just how much better your room looks when the windows are sparkling and clean. The second thing that will prevent light in your home is objects in the way of the window. Reducing the number of objects you have on the window ledge and on furniture in front of the window should help you maximize the amount of light that enters the room.

Freshen up Your Paintwork

Your choice of color is essential when trying to make your room brighter. For many people, this means simply painting the walls white. However, you don’t need to stick with white to create a light room. Pale yellow and blue shades are also excellent for making rooms appear full of light. It is worth thinking about colors that improve your mood to help you decide, as a color that makes you feel calm and happy is sure to make the room feel brighter. 

No matter which shade you decide on, a fresh coat of paint is always a useful way to spruce up a room and make it feel lighter.

Makeover Your Furniture

If your existing furniture is made up of dark, heavy pieces, they may absorb the light in the room and appear to dominate the space. Furniture pieces that are light in color and those that actually reflect the light, such as perspex or mirrored items, can make a big difference to the room. 

There is no need to replace all your existing furniture. If you choose, you could makeover your current pieces using pale-colored chalk paint, or buy second-hand furniture to transform it yourself. Whichever option you choose, you are sure to enjoy the process as there is nothing more satisfying than taking on a project like this and seeing the vast difference that it makes to your home.

Liven Up Your Walls

To make your home appear lighter, it is wise to avoid cluttering up the walls with too many pictures. However, some carefully chosen artwork in a light or bright color can add a wow factor to an otherwise plain wall. Don’t forget to include some mirrors in the room for an extra feeling of spaciousness.

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