Choose Beautiful Bathroom Vanities to Enhance the Appearance of Your Space

Versatile Vanity

The bathroom in a modern home must be clean and stylish. Trendy designer fixtures can turn it into a relaxation spot for the women. Beautiful bathroom vanities are important in the bathroom for beautifying the bath or improving the dressing area.

  • Personal grooming involves dressing up, hair styling and makeup. One can style the bathroom and add functionality to it with a bathroom vanity.
  • Designer fixtures include colorful sinks, glass, and beautiful cabinets. The furniture has to be fixed to the ground or against a tiled wall.
  • Such beautiful bathroom vanities also add value to your house. Adults and children can enjoy a few moments of privacy in a trendy bathroom.
  • A trendy bathroom is not complete without a toilet, shower, and tub. But, only the vanity corner can have a stunning effect on this private space.
  • Cabinets, countertops, and tables can be fitted with a sink. Strategic lighting and a luxurious tap or faucet can be fitted too to create a magical space.

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Beautiful Powder Room

Bathroom plays a vital role in a house. However, large houses can afford to have a luxurious, master bath. Irrespective of the size, beautiful bathroom vanities are a must in these spaces. The fixture, comprising of a basin or sink and furniture, should be installed. It should create a sense of warmth to the area. Mirrors, wall to wall tiling and accessories create the decisive, designer look, so most people opt for such fixtures for their bathrooms.

However, The Bathroom and Vanity Corners Have to Be Kept Clean and Tidy 

  • First, Remove cosmetics, brushes, toothpaste, and tumblers from the area. The sink and countertop, table, or fitting should be clutter free.
  • Select a cleaning product that can be used on different materials. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm its suitability.
  • Beautiful bathroom vanities develop scratches because of abrasive cleaners. They also get stained if the right kind of product is not used.
  • Wipe down the entire vanity without leaving a single spot vacant. Loose hair, make-up powder, soap residue, etc., should be cleared.
  • Take a wet, clean cloth or use a sponge for vigorous scrubbing. Remove all the stains from beauty products, toothpaste, and water.
  • While cleaning the faucet, always keep the window or vent open. Use a bleaching agent for cleaning and do not forget to wear gloves and mask to ensure safety.
  • Rinse down the whole area that was previously scrubbed. Use a lot of water to rinse deeply, and dry with a paper towel or cloth.

Trendy Designs

Aesthetic taste need not be restricted to living and dining areas. A well-furnished house can also afford to have a luxurious bath and shower fixtures. The washroom can be decorated with marble flooring and wall tiles. Beautiful bathroom vanities and precious sanitary ware add a touch of elegance to the area. With these fittings, the bathroom can be turned into a delightful and personalized space.

Designer Vanity Has to Be Chosen from Contemporary, Vintage, Or Classic Styles

For Small Bathroom Space

  • Set up a wooden fixture with 3 or 4 closed shelves or sliding drawers. Metallic taps, white sink and a round, designer mirror completes the vanity.
  • Arrange a 4-legged wooden table with a single rack at the bottom. Fix a large, square or rectangular marble basin on the top.

Spacious Rooms

  • Beautiful bathroom vanities can stretch from wall to wall. A monochrome wall mount or a full length, white counter top is ideal.
  • Contrast light colored counter top with darker, closed cabinets. Fix two sinks, two geometric mirrors, and a flower vase in the middle.


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