Vacationing Without The Hotel

When planning your next big vacation, one of the things that you likely start with is picking where you will stay. You search hotels in the area, check reviews and decide which amenities you need. However, the lodging industry is changing and people are ditching the hotel and opting for other, potentially better accommodations. No hotel?!? How is that even possible to do when you are traveling? Easy.

Private Rentals

As long as people have been vacationing, there have been private rental options that many prefer over staying at a hotel. Traditionally, private rentals meant you would rent someone’s vacation cottage or house for an extended period of time. However, in the age of online rental companies like Airbnb, you can rent from private individuals all over the planet and have a wide variety of options as well. Let’s take a look at why this is the new and better way to vacation and never step foot in a hotel.

More Options

When you search for a private rental rather than a hotel, you have access to a wide array of lodging options. You can search for whole-house rentals or single rooms inside someone’s home. You can look for a place that has six separate bedrooms or you can try to find a studio with a full kitchen. Whatever is important to you, you can search for in the area you will be vacationing. This is something that a hotel could definitely not offer!


When you are planning a vacation, you likely have a budget and whether your budget is high or on the frugal side, renting from an individual will give you a wide range of price options to fit your needs. Where hotels tend to charge fairly standard fees and can have inflated prices in popular vacation areas, searching rentals from individuals will give you a lot more bang for your buck. One night in a luxury hotel could pay for a private house with a pool, view, and room for ten people! You may also be able to find a much cheaper room to rent in someone’s home- savings that may make your vacation possible now that you don’t have to worry about high hotel prices.

No Crowds

When you stay at a hotel, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by people for your entire vacation. Not only are there sure to be many other people staying at the hotel but there is also a significant amount of hotel staff bustling around all day. You never know if there will be a loud party in the room above you or a crying baby in the room below- it’s a total gamble! If you aren’t a fan of being around a lot of people and just want some peace and solitude while on vacation, skipping the hotel is a good idea. Rent a private room or house to skip the tourist scene and enjoy having a place all to yourself.

Real and Authentic

When you vacation frequently, you may notice that all hotels start to look the same, especially if you tend to stay at one particular chain- all the rooms are designed the same! This hotel life can shield you from the true culture and environment of the place you are vacationing. Skipping the hotel and opting for a private rental will get you much more in touch with the local culture. The home or room you find will be built in the style of the area, decorated in line with the local aesthetic and likely be in a less touristy place. Skipping the hotel sounds like the perfect way to really experience the area where you are vacationing.

No Rooms At All

If you are all about avoiding hotels while on vacation, you may want to consider having no room at all. Pack a hiking backpack and get ready to pitch a tent because camping is another perfect way to vacation without a hotel. If you choose to camp, you have the ability to move your accommodations every day. You can pitch your tent near the ocean, in the forest, next to a cactus… the possibilities are endless! You will also save a significant amount of money when vacationing this way. Even campsites that charge you a fee for a campsite will be much cheaper than a hotel. Camping is economical, fun, and lets you sleep outside, enjoying nature, while on vacation.

As you can see, vacations don’t need to revolve around hotels. In fact, staying in a hotel is becoming a way of the past. Why stay in a hotel when you have so many other fantastic options?! For your next vacation, skip the hotel and enjoy a new way of lodging.


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