Exploring the Pacific Northwest: Delicious Food and Charming Culture Along the Coast

The exuberant northwest Pacific has volcanic landscapes, abundant orchards, and lively cities. A road trip is an ideal way to appreciate all the landscapes that made this region famous. In just a couple of days, you can experience everything from watching whales to getting to know the coffee culture and appreciating the coastal landscapes. All without getting on an airplane! What do you need? A camera, waterproof hiking boots, many layers of clothing and an instinct to venture outdoors.

Starting point: Portland, Oregon

Begin your tour of the Pacific Northwest by flying to the Portland, Oregon International Airport. Here, rent a car and start exploring the best road trip destination in the USA. famous for its extravagance, which attracts many lovers of food and culture. Try the delicious cakes with fun shapes at Voodoo Donut in Old Town and accompany them with a latte coffee that conforms to the fair trade standards of Portland’s Stump town Coffee Roasters, which now expanded throughout the United States. Head to the Lan Su Chinese Garden to see an ancient tea ceremony or the Portland Art Museum to see more than 1800 Japanese works. Do not forget to carefully explore Powell’s City of Books, which occupies a complete urban block and contains more than 1.5 million volumes. Do not miss the Pearl District and its boutiques. (Advantage: Oregon does not have sales taxes). During the weekends from March to the end of December, in the coastal part of the city, the Portland Saturday Market (Portland Saturday Market), a huge outdoor craft market is held.

Vineyards and beaches: a perfect combination in Oregon

More than 400 vineyards cover the hills west of Interstate 5 (Interstate 5) between Portland and Eugene, Oregon, about 180 kilometers to the south. It is here, in the  Willamette Valley ( Willamette Valley ), where some of the best pinot noirs in the country are produced and bottled, so it’s worth deviating from the road trip through the Pacific Northwest. At the southern end of the valley, King Estate Winery offers tastings and views near Eugene. Before heading north, make sure you veer a bit west to the Oregon Coast, where you’ll find pristine beaches surrounded by rugged cliffs and charming beach towns.

Climb Mount Hood

After a tour of Oregon’s wine region, head northeast to Mount Hood (Mount Hood) to tour the Mount Hood Trail that will take you to the top of the mountain. Near the summit, deviate from the path and take an excursion on the Pacific Crest Trail, near where the famous scene was filmed in which the character of Reese Witherspoon in the movie Wild Soul threw her boot at a ravine. During the winter you can ski or snowboard at the Mount Hood Meadows ski resort. Make sure to stop at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to observe the photogenic waterfalls and walk their trails.

Relax in the nature of Mount Rainier

Head north of Mount Hood to get to the border of Washington State. The volcanic mountains stand out on the horizon throughout this beautiful state, but no one catches more attention than Mount Rainier (Mount Rainier). Mount Rainier, which rises more than 4300 meters above the southern part of Washington, is the highest and most ice-cold summit of the continental United States. It also has more wildflowers than you can imagine, so the Mount Rainier National Park (Mount Rainier National Park) is an ideal destination to visit during the spring. In summer, the park offers walks between huge old trees in the Grove of the Patriarchs (patriarchs’ grove) and breathtaking views of the falls, while in the winter it offers opportunities for a snowshoe tour led by a ranger.

Enjoy the flavors of Seattle

Mount Rainier National Park is lost on the horizon as you drive to the largest city in Washington state, Seattle. The center of the city, located on the edge of the photogenic Puget Sound (Puget Sound), is surrounded by lively neighborhoods and is full of lakes. Park your vehicle and appreciate the scenery from the observation deck of the Space Needle, almost 160 meters above the ground.

Stop at the Pike Place Market, one of the oldest agricultural markets in the United States. It is worth visiting the market, not only for the views you have of Puget Sound but also for the vendors with their stands of fresh fish, flowers, fruits and vegetables; the edible products of the suppliers; and the opportunity to have a cup of coffee at the first Starbucks. You can find more great restaurants, cafes, nightlife and bookstores near the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Enter Bauhaus Books & Coffee to drink coffee and read poems; visit Espresso Vivacity, famous for its devotion to coffee perfection; or go to Victoria Coffee and Art to try a delicious energizing coffee and appreciate the local art.

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