Women On Wanderlust: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo

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Are you keen to catch the world unfurl right before you? Do it the way you want – on your terms. When it comes to traveling alone, there are many exhilarating and liberating aspects to it. But, it is challenging too, especially if you are a woman and this is your first trip. Probably, you know all of that. Shun all these apprehensions and get lost in the beauty of the places on the map. Pinpoint them, get your backpack ready, and hit the roads calling your name.

Are you trying to discover some great destinations for solo female travelers? Or, probably, you are feeling nervous as it is your first solo. Whether you are gearing up for a road trip to quench your wanderlust or feel like a nomad scouring places, this blog will help you with your queries and apprehensions. So, why wait? Let’s dive in!

Understand your destination.

Every place on the planet is unique in its own way – people, customs, social etiquette, dress codes, weather, food habits, etc., everything varies. So, do research, research, and thorough research beforehand. Once you know the primary things about your would-be solo travel destination, you will make the most of your travel.

For instance, if you’re considering a trip to the vibrant Gwinnett area, you’ll find a blend of Southern hospitality and modern attractions. Many travelers, especially those fond of shopping and local experiences, find themselves gravitating towards Gwinnett Place Mall. While there, it’s beneficial to stay close by. You might look into options like the Sonesta hotels near Gwinnett Place Mall. Being in close proximity allows you to truly immerse yourself in the local environment without the hassle of long commutes.

Book in advance.

Are you going solo for the first time? Make all the bookings in advance, especially for the first night. Pre-planning will take the hassle away from your trip, and you will be able to manage things properly in an unknown place with no one (you are familiar with) around.

Overpacking is a big NO.

Most travelers tend to stuff their bags with things that will never see the daylight. Jokes apart, but it is true. If you are also a huge-luggage woman, do not do that. Carrying a super-heavy trolley, suitcase, or backpack can spoil your trip. So, how can you not overpack? Let’s find out:

  • Start with making a checklist. Then, decide on the things you will need for sure while crossing out the ones that will only add to the weight of your bag.
  • Pack only a couple of clothes that you can wear by mixing and matching. Taking too many outfits is not a good idea.
  • Footwear is a traveler’s best friend. However, that does not mean you will carry an entire shop in your bag. Pack a few pairs of comfortable shoes that you can switch accordingly. If your trip takes you to a cold place, pack a pair of boots. 

Remember, the lighter you travel, the better you explore!

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Keep fit and eat wisely on the go.

Traveling and your fitness regime do not gel well most of the time for obvious reasons. Also, you can take your gym equipment wherever you go. You are on a trip to relax and see places, after all. Right? However, who said keeping fit when following wanderlust is a task? Squeezing in some regular freehand workouts should not be too difficult. 

Another aspect is food. When you are on the go, you do not pay much attention to what and when you eat. And, if you are a food lover, local delicacies will tempt you like anything. Just make sure that you do not overeat. Also, if you have food allergies, do not forget to check out the labels before eating or ordering your food.

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Be confident to gel with the new place.

The more you give to it, the more it will give back. Yes, it is the very nature of traveling solo. If you are a first-time solo traveler, having fears and apprehensions is understandable. However, give it a try. Be informed and confident to let your destination unfold itself before you. Open up, familiarize yourself with the locals, be friendly, use your intuition, be safe, and be positive.

Travel with all safety measures by your side.

The first thing that comes to mind regarding females traveling solo is safety. Yes, whether you are traveling alone for the first time or you are a frequent one, make sure to follow all safety measures. First of all, choose a safe place. Secondly, do not take valuables on the trip. Even if you have to carry them, keep them hidden. Lastly, always keep your passport and some extra cash with you. 

Do not forget to take your travel medical insurance.

Before you pack your essentials, even before you get your flight tickets, make sure to buy a suitable travel medical insurance plan. It will be there by your side in case of a medical emergency or any travel-related issue on your overseas solo trip. To buy the best travel health insurance plan, also known as Visitors Insurance, you can check out some reliable online insurance broking platforms, such as Visitors Guru. Here, you can compare multiple insurance carriers and buy a policy that meets your needs.

Key takeaways

Solo traveling is a challenging yet self-liberating experience. Keep the above tips in mind to make your trip the best of your experiences and inspire other women to get out of their comfort zone and see the vividness of the world unravel.

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