3 Reasons to Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Chances are that when you think of epoxy flooring systems, you imagine one-dimensional bland, and basic. Sure, they’re durable, good for protection and very affordable. But, you want something with a little more dazzle. There’s a new player in town, and companies like Floorguard products can’t stock it fast enough. It’s metallic epoxy flooring, and it will take your interior into the 21st century.

What is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

It’s the same high-quality polymer plastic that preserves concrete flooring for years, but with a little added spice in the form of flaked mica. Your flooring contractor adds this one little ingredient to the mix, and you’ll end up with bold, 3D floor that will lend a dramatic flare to any decor. The mica adds a level of depth and luster that’s never been seen in a flooring material before. This solution creates effects like molten gold, lightning, lava and more.

Does it Have the Same Benefits as Traditional Epoxy Flooring?

It meets all of the other objectives of traditional polymer floors, and adds a few new ones. The mica flakes add a degree of light reflectivity that allows your floor to help you save energy. Iy’s os heat-resistant, stain repellent and microbial. Unlike traditional floor coatings, metallic epoxy camouflages small imperfections that flat floor paint might actually highlight.

What’s the Third Benefit?

It gives you a high-end look at a budget price. This material looks so luxurious, no one would ever believe the price. When you figure it by the square foot and add int eh lifespan, it’s one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions around.

How Long Does This Type of Flooring Last?

In a residential setting or low-traffic commercial space, it can last for up to 30 years before it needs to be replaced. For commercial use in a medium to heavy traffic zone, 10 years is a pretty long life.

If you think you already know everything there is to learn about epoxy flooring, think again. Metallic epoxy floor coating is a game changer.

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