4 Myths About Pest Control Every Parent Needs to Forget 

There are some myths about pest control that unfortunately many parents seem to believe. These myths are usually followed by thoughtless actions that only make the problem worse. It’s time to dispel these persistent myths and get a better pest control routine going. In this article, we’ll examine four of the most common myths about pest control and why you should stop believing them.

Pests Mean a Dirty Home

It seems that most people associate the presence of tiny pests with a sign that a home is dirty. The idea is that the food they are looking for is in such abundance that they have decided to stay and set up camp. Even if you have a dirty home, this is not always the case. They can also live in the walls or another isolated part of your home that you don’t see every day. Pests in this context are a sign that a higher microbial load is present. The presence of tiny pests means that there is an excess of bacteria and fungi in your home. 

Pest Control is Not Safe

As chemicals in pest control sprays kill bugs, many parents balk at the idea of having those same chemicals near small children. After all, if it kills the bugs, what will it do to people? However, what is toxic to bugs isn’t necessarily dangerous to children. Most indoor pest control sprays that are used by professionals use extracts from chrysanthemum, as the plant carries chemicals that naturally repel and kill pests. Other plants that have similar properties include cinnamon, lavender, black pepper, lemongrass, basil, and other common herbs that you regularly eat or use in essential oils. If you have concerns about using pest control near or in your home, speak with your pest control professionals about what they use and what options they have to give you the most natural solutions possible.

Bed Bugs are Only Found in Cheap Hotels

Bed bugs can be one of the worst pests to deal with. While hotels are a common place to find bed bugs, they can also be found elsewhere. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find them in your home. Bed bugs can live in many places that are not hosts, such as the walls of your bedroom, the floor, the furniture, and even your bedding. In just a few days, they can make your entire bed unattractive to sleep in. They don’t need food to survive, and they can bite all night long. If you have bed bugs, it’s a good idea to find out if they are coming from an area that has been affected. Often, it is due to a lack of thorough pest control that allows this problem to develop. The only way to know for sure is to hire an exterminator who can perform an inspection of your entire home or office.

My Homeowners Insurance Will Cover Any Pest Damage

Contrary to what some believe, damage caused by pests is not covered by insurance. In most cases, they are not even considered an actual part of your claim. Your homeowners insurance is supposed to cover your home and possessions against any type of damage that can happen. Pests are not usually covered. It can be difficult to tell if the damage is actually caused by pests or if it is a pre-existing problem. Many businesses will not look into claims related to pests until they have seen actual proof that they exist. They don’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t exist and then have to cover damage that does exist – like fire damage or burst pipes.

We need to stop believing these persistent myths and get a better pest control routine going. In this article, we’ve explored four of the most common myths about pest control and why you should stop believing them. It’s time to dispel these persistent myths so we can have a better everyday life. Pest control is important in controlling pests, but it must be done properly and with professionalism.

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