7 Father’s Day Gifts for 2021


Father’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to show appreciation for the important father figures in your life. While some gift buying is easy (like when you buy gifts for grandma), other times it can be extremely difficult—especially when you want your gift to convey how much you appreciate everything your dad does. 

If you’re worried about finding the perfect present this Father’s Day or if your dad has a serious case of “you don’t have to get me anything,” check out this list for a variety of practical and unique gifts that could provide some inspiration to your shopping year.

Something for His Collection

Is your father a collector of comic books or artwork? A custom frame could be the perfect gift! You can choose everything from the size and material of the frame to the type of glass. For example, if you’re thinking of placing that framed comic book in an office with lots of sunlight, get UV-resistant glass to ensure those ink colors last a lifetime. Maybe you want to frame a canvas painting above the mantle? Go without the glass so people can really appreciate the texture of the brushstrokes!

Something for the Garden

Your dad may not care for art, but maybe he’s obsessed with his garden! If his greenery is looking a little sparse, or he’s been talking about getting a new tree or plant, now is the perfect opportunity. Gift him an unusual species of roses to line the walkway or maybe an adolescent fruit tree to brighten up summer and fall meals! Even better, you can also include gardening accessories specifically for the plant you mean to buy. That means you can get two or even three gifts for dad this year (or spread them out for his birthday and the holidays)!

Something for the Grill

The stereotype that dads love to grill isn’t always wrong. If your grillmaster dad is uber protective of his BBQ, consider getting him some supplemental gear. Whether it’s brand new utensils or a whole new grill, he might run out and throw some burgers on there before the present is fully unwrapped! Check out charcoal, gas, and wood grill varieties to ensure you’re getting the grill type that your dad prefers.

Something for Relaxation

Most parents rarely get enough sleep, especially if they’re working full time while raising their kids. If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the stressed-out dad, you have tons of options. Check out aromatherapy diffusers and oils that waft lavender and chamomile scents around the room. You can also opt for a white noise machine to make falling asleep at night that much easier. Or, how about a mechanical foot massage with deep-kneading capabilities that get right to the source of his foot pain? All of these are great gifts for dads that need to take a load off!

Something for Fitness Lovers

Does your dad love to work out? If he does, you might have noticed that he has way more aches and pains now than he ever did. Some post-workout support might be just what he needs to get back on the court. With so many options, you shouldn’t feel shy about creating the perfect combination of gifts. Try putting together a basket that contains ankle and knee braces, compression socks, wrist supports, and more—whatever is perfectly tailored to your dad’s workout needs! You might even throw in a sweatband and some Gatorade to round out the package.

Something to Experience

Some dads aren’t about stuff. Instead, they like to get out and enjoy life through unique experiences with their family. If that sounds like your dad, consider gifting him an adventure tailored to his interests. Does your dad have a life-long dream of getting up into the sky? From bungee jumping and skydiving to flying lessons, there are plenty of ways to get him up in the clouds. Or maybe your dad is afraid of heights and prefers a day of wine tasting and snacking in the sun. Treat him to a local wine tasting tour or sign him up for a subscription service that sends new bottles from around the world each month.

Some men value more the time they are with their family than materials and stuff. Actually, a simple family meal with a gin on the table is already a gift for them. If you wonder where to get the best gin for the celebration, Garden Street can help you with that.


No matter what you choose to do for dad this Father’s Day, we’re sure he’ll love his gift! And to all the dads out there—Happy Father’s Day!

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