The Top 5 Ways To Cook Beef Dishes

When it comes to navigating your way around the kitchen, it is always best to start with the basics. While you will need all the cooking tools to prepare any meal, you can be as creative as you want if you know how to prepare each ingredient. Therefore, once you know the basic preparation methods of certain vegetables, all the carb foods, and the different meats, you can take your culinary expertise to the next level with your creativity. 

While you could spend a lifetime following a variety of recipes online, you could instead learn how to cook by considering the various standard preparation methods for each food. To ensure you can get started the right way, we have listed the five best ways to cook beef.


Roasting is one of the more popular methods of cooking beef, and you can create a lengthy list of great meals if you know how to roast. Whether you are roasting prime Angus tomahawk steak cuts or other cuts of beef, the temperature is crucial. It is best to always preheat your oven, use the suitable oven dish, and season your beef cut. It is also essential to turn your meat at the right time. 


Grilling is an excellent way to prepare various cuts of beef. It is also one of the more straightforward methods of preparation. It is best to heat your grill on high, oil and season your meat and then place it on the grill for about four to five minutes on each side. 


Braising meat can be tricky, although once you master the art of braising beef, you can create an assortment of delicious beef dishes with ease. To braise beef, you will add water or stock that reaches halfway to the height of the meat in the pan and then bring the liquid to a boil. As soon as the liquid is boiling, you must immediately lower the heat to a simmer and then add in the aromatics. Next, you must cover the pan and continue to simmer until the meat is cooked thoroughly. You must also turn the meat to avoid burning. Braising is the best way to cook beef to achieve the most tender results. 


Stewing is relatively simple, although there are a few common stewing mistakes you should avoid. And while you can stew various meats, nothing really beats a flavourful beef stew. You should start by browning seasoned chunks of beef chuck along with onions in a pot and then adding in stock and other stew contents. You will need to allow your stew to boil on low heat for quite some time to let the beef become tender. 


To sauté beef is to cook it quickly using a minimal amount of oil or fat on high heat. This method is best for cooking various cuts of steak, primarily when serving rare and medium-rare steaks. However, you can also sauté beef that it is thoroughly cooked through. When creating sautéd beef dishes, you can also sauté vegetables as various foods can be prepared with this method. 


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