Three Gift Ideas for a Coworker with a New Baby

Maybe you have a colleague or coworker who just became a new mom. Maybe there is an upcoming baby shower for this person. Having a baby is definitely an occasion that calls for a gift. Look at three gift ideas for a coworker with a new baby.

A Photo Album with a Theme

One idea is to get your coworker a photo album for those countless baby photos that she will be taking. You may want to get one with a theme that matches the theme of her nursery. For instance, maybe she has decorated her nursery with a theme featuring a famous storybook bear. Go along with that theme by getting her a photo album with a cover decorated with the same bear character. She is sure to be pleased with yet another place to put pictures of her beautiful baby as he or she grows.

A Baby Outfit with a Sports Theme

If your coworker is a sports fan, think about getting her an item of baby sports apparel. If you don’t know her favorite team, ask a close friend of hers so you can get a onesie, t-shirt, pants or bib featuring the colors and name of her team. She can dress her baby in a stylish, colorful way while showing her love for her team.

A Handmade Blanket for the Nursery

A handmade blanket for the baby’s nursery. It can go in the baby’s crib or be put on the back of a rocking chair to help mom feel more comfortable. One of the best things about this gift is after the baby grows out of his or her crib, it can be kept as a keepsake by mom.

These are three creative ideas for gifts to give a coworker who has just had a baby. The best route when choosing a gift is to think about the interests of the mom and incorporate those interests in the gift. That is the most effective way to find a thoughtful gift for your coworker.

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