Pre-Teens Birthday Party Catering Dos And Don’ts

When you are planning your pre-teen’s birthday party, you want to make sure everything goes right. Since there will be many guests at the party, you’ll have lots of details to take care of up until the big day. To make sure you cover all your bases and throw a party your child will remember fondly in the years ahead, here are some catering dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Create Food Stations

To make eating at the party feel like an adventure to the kids, create food stations at various rooms where the party is taking place. If you don’t mind having to do a little extra cleaning once the party is finished, you can have a popcorn machine in one room, a hot dog stand in another, and so forth.

Take Dietary Needs into Consideration

When you are speaking to a catering service about your pre-teen’s birthday party, always make sure you remind them to take dietary needs into consideration. For example, while some kids may have various types of food allergies, others may have parents that want them to eat only healthy foods. Therefore, always have such items as fruits, nuts, fruit juices, and water available for some party guests.

Finger Foods are Fantastic

At any type of birthday party for kids, you will find finger foods will become your best friends. Since the kids will be excited and wanting to move around quite a bit, don’t have foods that require everyone to sit down at a table to eat. Instead, look to such foods as pizza, sandwiches, and other similar items that kids can grab and eat on the go. Along with making it easier for everyone to get what they want, chances are this will cut down some on the mess you’ll have to clean up afterwards.

A Self-Serve Party

Finally, your child’s birthday party will go smoother for you and the guests if it is a self-serve party. For instance, rather than having a big birthday cake that requires you to stand at a table and cut slice after slice, opt instead to serve cupcakes. Not only does this make your job easier, but it also ensures you won’t be cramping your pre-teen’s style during the party.


Though it will entail plenty of work to cover all the details associated with your child’s upcoming birthday party, seeing the smiling faces and hearing the laughter from your child and their guests will make the hard work you put in well worth the effort.


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