Make Your Home Baby Proof With These 4 Upgrades

When you bring home your new baby, you never think about he or she getting into cabinets or doing other things that could be very dangerous. Unfortunately, once a baby starts crawling around or taking a few steps, it only takes an instant for a disaster to occur. To keep your baby safe, baby proof your home by doing the following four upgrades sooner rather than later.

Install Childproof Cabinet Locks

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or other parts of your home, install childproof cabinet locks anywhere and everywhere you think your baby could get into accidentally. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about your baby handling cleaning supplies, medications, or other dangerous substances that could have you calling 9-1-1 or Poison Control.

Repair Electrical Issues

Typically, people consider getting outlet covers for their baby, which is a great start when it comes to your protecting your baby. However, if you have problems with your electrical such as shorting or shocks when you plugin or use appliances, then you need to complete the electrical repair before inviting your baby into the home. This is important if you are holding your baby while using appliances or even if you have your baby nearby and may get scared or hurt from the issues that happen when your electrical needs to be repaired.  

Attach Furniture to Walls

Once your baby starts crawling around, they may at some point try to climb a nearby piece of furniture, such as a dresser. Unfortunately, many younger children are injured or killed each year by having large pieces of furniture topple over onto them. To prevent this, you can purchase wall attachment kits for large pieces of furniture that may pose a risk to your baby. They are typically easy to install and they can be removed once your child gets older or if you decide to move the furniture elsewhere.

Get a New Water Heater

If there is one thing you don’t want to see happen to your baby, it is having them suffer serious burns from turning on the hot water in your bathtub. When this happens and the water temperature exceeds 120 degrees, third-degree burns can result. To prevent this, you should have a new water heater installed in your home. Thanks to modern technology, today’s water heaters are equipped with thermostats that make it very easy to set the water temperature to less than 120 degrees. Once this is done, the water will never be hot enough to severely burn your baby’s skin.


While it will take some of your time and money to make these upgrades, doing so is important, since you can never put a price tag on your baby’s safety.


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