How Lemieux Has Become a Global Equestrian Brand

Equestrian is a word that encompasses activities involving the use of a horse or other kind of equine species like mules. It is however often associated with horse riding more than any other type of animal. The term is used to describe both competitive and recreational horseback riders as well as handlers.

It includes all the activities and disciplines people participate in while mounted on the back of a horse. It may also include activities even when unmounted from the horse. It involves the partnership between an equine and a human or in some cases between horses. 

In other words, any equestrian-related activity tests horsemanship. It combines the power and beauty of a horse with the skill set of the rider. The two work in harmony to master and overcome obstacles. You can find more information here.

Equestrian activities start with horse training. The animals are trained and used for practical purposes which can be for work or sports. Other equines like mules and donkeys are usually used for recreation and work but not for sports. These animals may also be ridden for therapeutic purposes.

Asides from competitive sports, horses may also be used in racing as well as in exhibitions and shows. Before now, they were used in the military for warfare as well as for transportation. These days they are utilized in traditional ceremonies like parades and funerals. They are also used by police and for search and rescue missions.

Equestrian Gear

Like any other endeavor or sport, both the rider and horse in equestrians require some set of equipment. This can be for the purpose of training, comfort, competing, safety, grooming, and so on. You will always have a reason to use these gears.

There is a lot of equipment available when it comes to horse riding. Some are essential, some are nice to have and some are strictly for the kind of events you are participating in. From helmets to riding boots and pants, fly hoods, tacks, bridles, whips, caps, etc. 

This equipment plays a part in your avocation and no matter what, you need to find the appropriate or suitable gear to use. When buying your gear, it is important that you buy a globally known equestrian brand. 

This is because the quality and safety of your equipment is an important aspects of any equestrian event. You can trust a respectable brand to make equipment that is sure to provide you with this. You can read about the risk factors involved in horse riding and how to prevent them here

What Makes A Brand Global?

There are various equestrian products brands but a global brand is one that is recognized worldwide. When it comes to the sport, it is one that equestrians know and trusts all over the world.

However, what does it take to be a global brand? What differentiates them from other brands? We consider these below.


Positioning a brand means that the brand understands what its consumers need and they offer them exactly that. It means combining a functional product with innovation and emotional appeal. Top brands gain insights into what consumers want and therefore provide them with a promise to fulfill this.

For instance, every equestrian knows that safety as well as taking care of their horse is important. A top equestrian brand will make sure to proffer this in their products.

It may also mean understanding the competition and then crafting a competitive advantage. What this eventually translates to is that when consumers need a product, the first one that comes to mind is that brand.

A Compelling and Consistent Brand Promise

Global brands typically have a compelling brand promise. While this is great, it is not enough. It must also be consistent. 

For most equestrians, one of the greatest risks is falling off their horse or getting thrown by it. Quality, support, safety, and protection are therefore important factors to consider in making equestrian equipment.

There is a reason consumers buy a particular product. When they do, they are doing so because of the promise of quality or whatever else the brand is offering. 

Consumers believe that a global brand will offer better guarantees and higher quality. This is why top brands ensure consistency and continuity in their products and messages to consumers.


On the last point, equestrians want to know that a product or brand is reliable. This can include a lot of factors such as is the product readily available when they need it? How about customer service, repairs, returns, and refunds? Does the product quality remain the same, is it safe to use?

These and many more questions are what is on most equestrians’ minds. Providing the right answers to these questions is what positions a company as a reliable global equestrian brand.

Global Presence

A truly global brand will have a presence in more than one country or continent. They may have their headquarters or factory located in one country but their products will be found in most other countries. They might even tailor their products to the prevalent culture and market. 

They will ensure that consumers easily find these products through deliberate advertising and marketing. They will also ensure that it is easily delivered to them. This can involve having local representatives handle customer orders and other services.

For companies like Lemieux, these are some of the things that have made them become a global and relevant brand. You may check out these Lemieux saddle pads and some other equestrian equipment to learn more. 


Equestrian is a series of activities or sports for horse lovers. It involves getting in harmony and rhythm with your equine in a variety of ways. To perform or compete effectively, you need quality gears that are designed specifically for this purpose. 

Many equestrian brands are available but it is important that you choose a reliable and global brand. You can count on their reliability and ability to provide you with the top-quality products that you need. This in essence will ensure your safety as a rider as well as the health and safety of your horse.

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