Obsessed? 7 Tips for Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

Contributed by Jane Scott

Want to look good and feel light? Don’t get worried if you are obsessed. You can gain your fitness and energy back by following some simple tips mentioned below. So let’s start exploring.

1. Water

The best and easy way to reduce weight is to drink water. It is recommended to drink 3 Liters of water daily as water removes the toxic material from your body. Drinking adequate amount of water helps to reduce water weight. In addition to this, drinking water not only helps you to reduce your weight but also saves you from many diseases. So, drink more water and see its tremendous effect on your weight and health.

2. Basic meal time ethics

Usually, people skip their breakfast due to a shortage of time in the morning as they have to run for their work. But if next time you do it, remember that this practice is also one of the causes of your weight gain. It is always advised to take proper breakfast in the morning as healthy breakfast leads to a healthy day. In morning time we use our maximum energy as we want to get work done. But if we don’t take proper breakfast, our stomach craves for munching, and we end up with eating unhealthy food. It is good to take a proper lunch, but a very heavy lunch is not suggested as it makes you lazy contributing to your weight gain. A light dinner is advised for body fitness and health. It is also important to take your night meal before 2 hours of sleep. This proper schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner is very helpful in maintaining health and reducing weight.

3. Avoiding junk food

After setting your eating schedule it is important to know what not to eat. It is important to avoid junk food. Junk food includes items that contain a high level of fat and sugar and low level of protein and vitamins. Instead of consuming junk food, focus on eating healthy items that include fruit, vegetable, beans. It is also advised to avoid the excessive consumption of cold items that is ice cream, cold drink or even cold water for better results.

4. Exercise

Take out a small amount of time for yourself. Start with simple and small exercises, and gradually set big targets for yourself. It feels a bit tiring in starting few days, but afterward, you will see it marvelous results on your body and health. Walking is also essential. It is an effective way to reduce your weight and to improve your health. Walking is highly recommended.

5. Division of food

Take a small portion of food in more settings than eating a large portion of food in a single setting. This practice will keep your metabolism active and do not allow your digestive system to store food in form of fat.

6. Sleep patterns

Disturbed sleep patterns are one of the reasons for obesity. It is suggested to sleep for seven to eight hours at night time. Sleep deprivation and excessive sleep both cause a gain in weight. A proper sleep at proper time not only help you in reducing weight and fitness but it also benefits you in reducing stress and keeping you healthy.

7. Add on

In order to get effective results of weight loss add green tea or detox water in your daily schedule. Herbal tea like oolong tea does wonders in boosting your weight loss because it has antioxidant properties, polyphenol in the tea absorbs dietary fats, speeds up your metabolism and blocks fat building enzymes.

Hope you will give a try to these tips to boost up your weight loss journey.


Author bio:

Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.

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