How to Find the Best Materials for Your Home Remodel

Preparing to renovate your home includes several key steps to make the project efficient and cost-effective. One of the first things you need to do is to get the needed materials and have them organized before you start the job. Thinking this far ahead can save you time and money. Instead of using scrap products, here are suggestions for finding the best materials for your home remodel.

Contact Local Contractors

If you know people who work in construction, get in touch with them to see if they have an overstock of quality supplies available. Sometimes a construction project ends up with unused materials that cannot be returned for various reasons. You can get some great deals on drywall, wood, and stone products as well as supplies like paint, sealer, and concrete. A little savvy can help you find just the supplies you will need.

Check Out Demolition Sites

Buildings that are slated for demolition often have beautiful fixtures like French doors or stained glass windows that have not been removed. Check with the county building department or the sheriff’s office to find out if houses or professional buildings are going to be destroyed. Ask if you can get a permit to walk through and look for items that could be salvaged for your remodel. Antique doorknobs and solid roof beams might be just what you are looking for, at low cost or free. It also can make a great conversation piece for this part of your home.

Browse Thrift Shops

Walkthrough the area’s thrift stores to find new or old building materials. Salvaged sinks, wood pieces, and windows in great shape can be bought at very low prices. You can occasionally find leftover paint that would be great for your trim pieces as well as baseboard and wallpaper remnants. Smaller pieces work well for accenting a single wall in one of the rooms you plan to remodel. Even if you don’t find construction materials, you might just find the right lamp or piece of art to have in your home.

Shop Around

Discount or regular retail DIY stores offer a full selection of building supplies for all aspects of your remodel. Register as a contractor if you are allowed to do so for lower prices and sales announcements. Look for sale events on the products you definitely will be needing. Buy in advance or in bulk if you expect to use a large supply of building materials for your renovation. Purchasing the raw materials, provided you have the proper labor and/or have hired the right person, can save you a lot of money in the long run.


You don’t have to pay top dollar for building materials when you remodel your home. Try these options to get great products at affordable prices. You can find unique items in abandoned homes or in thrift shops following demolition or update of an older property. Whatever the needs of your home renovation project, you are sure to succeed with the right materials.

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