How to Keep Your House Clean When Traveling

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Whether you are leaving your home for a day or a full month, there will be no one left to clean it. If you just grab your bags and go through the door, you are going to find a messy apartment when you return.

Moreover, failing to unplug certain appliances poses a fire hazard, so you really need to clean and inspect your home before you travel away.

Clear and clean the fridge

There are groceries inside your fridge that go off fast, such as milk or vegetables, so you need to take them out before you travel away.

After you’re done clearing the fridge, it’s time to clean it from the inside to remove crumbs, muck caught in the corners, and various spills.

If you leave a messy fridge behind you, things will go from bad to worse after you return, as mold starts to form fast on organic matter.

Where will the pets go?

Speaking of leaving a mess, mold consists of microscopic particles but there are other, far more visible living organisms inside your house. Yes, we are referring to your pets that are most likely going to travel with you. However, business trips are not suitable for pets to come along, so they have to stay behind.

Now, we hope you aren’t considering leaving them on their own, as this is out of the question! You need to make arrangements for your pets: either someone will come over to look after them or they are going to go to a friend’s house or an animal shelter.

Do the laundry before you leave the house

There is hardly anything more anything than a laundry basket full to the brim lying around. However, if you make the mistake of leaving it like that and go your way, you will be greeted by an unpleasant smell on return.

Moreover, if you have a shirt with a stain on it, it will prove impossible to remove it after a while. Therefore, do the laundry before you go and dry it out before you embark on a journey. Your travel clothes will be dirty when you get back, so the washing machine needs to be empty.

Pressed for time?

Packing can be a messy business, especially if you do it at the last hour. Often enough, homeowners-turned-travelers lack the time to properly clean the house before their plane or train departs.

If you are pressed for time, it’s perfectly OK to hire a professional cleaning service, such as Crystal Maids to clean the house before you leave it.

Most cleaning services give you a quote based on the date and time you want the cleaning service, so you can rest sure you’ll return to a spotless house or apartment.

Leave the dishwasher tidy

Just like it isn’t wise to leave dirty underwear lying in the laundry basket, leaving dirty dishes in the risk isn’t a good move. Washing the dishes is pretty much mandatory, as there is an organic matter on them in the form of food leftovers. As mentioned earlier, such places are ideal for mold and mildew buildup.

When you finish washing the dishes, either by hand or with the help of a dishwasher, be sure to dry the sink and the area around it using a kitchen towel. Namely, if puddles remain, no matter how small they are, they can damage sections of your kitchen made from wood. 

Safety first: Unplugging appliances

We have mentioned earlier that cleaning the house ensures your home is safe while you’re on your travels. However, sometimes it’s enough to unplug appliances from wall sockets.

This way, you are preventing a potential house fire and you are reducing the energy bill.

The heater, the AC, and the thermostat are among the most important appliances that need to be unplugged when you travel away. 

Take the trash out

Emptying the trash can should be among the last chores you do before you leave the house to catch your ride. 

Taking the trash out ought to be postponed to the last minute, as there is always something you need to throw away, like a cigarette bud or a chocolate bar wrapper.

If you keep the trash can outside, then the smell of trash can attract wild animals if you live in the countryside or rats and other pests if you live in an urban area.

Keeping your house clean while traveling is easy if you prepare everything in advance. You will have to unplug appliances, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and throw out the trash, among other things. Even if you are pressed for time, professional cleaners can help you get your house spruced up before you embark on the next great travel adventure.

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