How to Remodel Your Kitchen for Maximum Storage and Baking Space 

If it’s time to remodel your kitchen, it can be exciting to think through the possibilities of what you’ll be able to accomplish. One great outcome of your kitchen remodel is that you’ll be able to increase your storage space while also increasing the space that’s available for baking, cooking, and doing other activities. To accomplish these goals, though, requires careful planning to ensure the different elements fit together perfectly.

Add a Half-Wall

Although open-concept living is the modern standard, this approach may not work well if you’re seeking to increase your storage. If you still want to retain the existing sightlines while adding storage, a half-wall may offer a good solution. A half-wall offers the opportunity to install several cabinets, thus increasing storage. You can also top those cabinets with a countertop, meaning that your baking and cooking space will increase, as well.

Steal Some Space

If your kitchen shares a wall with another large room, you may be able to steal some space from that other room to increase the storage space in your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling experts can help you determine how best to utilize space from other rooms to create pantries, built-ins, and other unique elements. Since you’ll be cutting through walls to accomplish this task, it’s important to have a professional inspect for which walls are load-bearing before drawing up plans to hand off to a contractor.

Add an Island

Islands are a great way to make use of the wasted space that often exists in the center of kitchens. Although it will change the flow of people around your kitchen, the extra storage space gives you the perfect place to store cooking appliances such as food processors, Instapots, and mixers that you don’t want taking up counter space. You can also install an extra oven in the island so that you can easily prepare large amounts of food for those special get-togethers with friends and family.

Utilize the Ceiling

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to look upward when looking for ways to increase your storage. That’s because you can suspend various storage solutions from the ceiling, such as pot racks, hanging baskets, and more. Given the significant weight of some of these storage solutions, it’s best to leave their installation to a professional. Properly installed, though, suspended storage solutions offer a great way to reduce clutter and conserve valuable floor space. You can also utilize the hanging space for growing your own herbs for fresh food baking.

If you’re dealing with limited space, it’s important to think through every detail of your kitchen remodel. Just a few small changes can significantly alter your project’s final outcome, meaning that it’s worth your time to plan the project thoroughly. With good plans in hand, though, you’ll be well on your way to creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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