Things To Consider Before Patio Installation

Outdoor patios are economical ways to expand your living space, and they add significant curb appeal and value to your home. However, before you start searching “patio installation West Palm Beach,” you need to consider a few key questions to ensure that your patio will meet your needs.


Before you determine your patio’s features and size, you should consider your budget. Your budget will impact the size of your patio, what materials you use to build it and whether you can include additional features, such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or shade structure.


Determine the placement of your patio. It should be easily accessed from the house and any other outdoor hardscapes, such as pools or firepits. You may have seating, BBQ grills and even a table and chairs on your patio, and you want your guests to have easy access. In addition, if you plan to eat on your patio, you don’t want it too far from your kitchen so you aren’t carrying food, beverages and condiments across your yard.  

Desired Use

Every patio is designed for a specific use. For example, some are built around pools to serve as pool decks, while others are built to provide outdoor living or dining rooms. Determine everything you want your patio to be used for to ensure it is large enough and in the proper location for these uses.

Added Comfort

Your patio should be comfortable. Therefore, you may consider whether you need a shade structure or if your patio area is shaded by mature trees. In addition, you may want to choose oversized, comfortable furniture, but you don’t want your guests feeling crowded. Consider how many guests you want to invite over at one time. All of these factors affect the size of your patio. However, your backyard size will also affect your patio’s size.

You should also consider lighting. How will you light your outdoor space? Are you planning to use solar lights or lights that plug into your home? Will you have lanterns on poles, dangling string lights on the shade structure or lights that stick in the ground?


Timeline is one of the most important factors in hardscape design. If you want your patio and landscaping done before an upcoming event, the size, materials and scope of your landscaping may be affected. In addition, your backyard won’t typically be usable while it is under construction, which may affect kids and pets who play outside regularly.

Consider working with a landscape or hardscape contractor to design and build the patio and outdoor living space of your dreams.

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