Best Places to Visit With Your Kids in Detroit

If you’re thinking about taking a vacation with your kids, then you may want to consider visiting Detroit. Detroit is full of lively attractions that are sure to leave you with wonderful memories.

Before you visit this wonderful city, you should acquaint yourself with its family friendly locations. In this way, you’ll be able to carefully plan your itinerary so that you don’t miss out on anything that would interest your family.

Detroit Kid City 

Detroit Kid City has not been in operation for very long but it has certainly made an impression. At this location, kids get to play in a mini-Detroit.

Dress-up is a favorite activity at the Detroit Kid City. Kids can choose any costumes they would like, it is up to their imaginations. Some children get dressed up as baseball stars, basketball stars, famous singers, and much more.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

This destination has interactive play zones for your kids. Legoland Discovery Center Michigan is the ultimate playground for your family. Your kids can watch your favorite Lego characters come to life in the huge 4D Cinema.

They also have thousands of Lego bricks on hand which your kids can use to build whatever they like. The family can even take a class in building from an expert Lego builder.

With all the fun you will have at the center, you and your kids will be exhausted, so make sure that you have a comfortable hotel room. Book one of the best hotels in Detroit with in room Spa because after all that activity you will definitely need a way to relax.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium

The Sea Life Michigan aquarium is Michigan’s largest aquarium. It is also one of the most spectacular aquariums you will ever see. Explore the 180-degree underwater tunnel and come face-to-face with some of the most magnificent sea creatures you have ever seen.

Have up close encounters with sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and so much more. There are over ten exciting exhibits to see. 

You can watch the animals eat their breakfast and get free creature talks and participate in live feeding of the animals. Your kids are sure to be talking about this underwater adventure for a very long time.

Time to Pack

You are now aware of three of the most fun places in Detroit that you can visit with your family. With this knowledge, you should be able to determine how you can best spend your time while in Detroit. Ask your kids to give their opinions, because you want them to have a lot of fun.  

When you allow the kids to have a say in planning your itinerary you will avoid frustration. You will also be able to still enjoy some adult time and conversation while they are enjoying themselves. 

Be sure to take a lot of pictures because this is the kind of adventure that you will want to have memories of for many years to come.

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