6 Places to Visit That Won’t Bore Your Kids in Harbor Springs

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Taking family trips are always enjoyable, however, kids easily get bored. Children have a lot of energy, so sunbathing at the pool or sitting in your rental accommodation and relaxing is deathly boring to them.

If you are planning a family vacation to Harbor Springs you might want to plan the activities in advance. This city in Northern Michigan hosts multiple art exhibitions, live music shows, and museums, but these things can be very boring to children.

There are multiple places you can visit in Harbor Springs where the whole family will have fun. You can allow your kids to spend energy with fun activities each day you are staying in Harbor Springs.

1. Nub’s Nob

Nub’s Nob is the perfect place to keep your kids entertained. If you are a sports-loving family that enjoys skiing, Nub’s Nob is for you.

Nub’s Nob is a skiing resort that holds tournaments and races during the skiing season. If you think it’s too dangerous for children, don’t worry! The resort has special Bunny Hills, little mountains where children can safely ski with their parents.

You can even enjoy your stay at Nub’s Nob with very young children. Let’s say you have a 12-year-old and a 3-year-old. You might let the older kid enjoy Bunny Hills but worry about the little one getting hurt. Nub’s Nob offers daycare, therefore, you can leave your youngest children in safety as you take your older kids to ski!

2. Little Traverse Bay Ferry Co. Ferry

If you want to give your children an unforgettable experience, make sure to book a ferry ride at Little Traverse Bay!

You can make the most fascinating memories with your family by taking a ferry ride from Harbor Springs to Petoskey or Bay Harbor. You can take a bike ride to the ferry to make your trip even more enjoyable and healthier. The kids will definitely enjoy beautiful sights as children usually love ferry rides!

3. Boyne Highlands

Boyne Highlands is another great ski resort for families. Boyne not only offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, but you can sign up for skiing and snowboarding classes with your kids!

Boyne Highlands even offers accommodation for families and families with pets. Therefore, not only can you give your kids an excellent vacation that can never bore them, but you can also take your pets with you and share the fun with them!

While your kids go biking or skiing, you can take your time and relax while golfing or enjoying gorgeous waterfront sights with a cup of tea.  When the night falls, you will be able to enjoy a bonfire with your children. Moreover, Boyne Highlands allows you to go horseback riding, giving your kids the time of their lives.

4. Pond Hill Farm

Pond Hill Farm is open all year round, but fall is the best time to visit. If you are staying at Harbor Springs on a family vacation and can’t think of fun things to do with your kids, visit Pond Hill Farm!

Parents can taste some delicious wine and beer as kids can enjoy checking out some farm animals. You can take a stroll in the vineyard and take in the gorgeous nature. You can go hiking, take bike rides, and in winter, your family can enjoy skiing and snowboarding!

As for dinner, you can have tasty meals at their local cafe after an energy-consuming day.

5. Thorne Swift Nature Preserve

If your kids love hiking and outdoor adventures, you should make time to visit Thorne Swift Nature Preserve during your stay in Harbor Springs. 

You can take a blanket and enjoy a family picnic with your family members. Take a ball and play some games out in nature. You can go bike riding and enjoy the sights of ponds and overlooks. You will find three trails at Thorne Swift Nature Preserve. One of them takes you straight to the beach! 

6. Sleeping Bear Dunes

While you stay at Harbor Springs, we recommend you take at least a two-day road trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes. You will need to get a national park pass to be allowed a parking space for your vehicle and you will need to find a hotel nearby. There are countless things you can do with your family in Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Firstly, you can take your kids on bike rides while enjoying gorgeous views. You can go to the beach and play volleyball, and teach your kids swimming and surfing. Climbing and exploring dunes are very exciting and fun for young kids.

As for meals, you can stop at multiple restaurants and cafes that you can find around Sleeping Bear Dunes. After spending so much energy, you can relax and taste some delicious food near the dunes. 

There are many accommodations all around the Sleeping Bear Dunes. As mentioned before, exploring the area takes a few days, so it’s best to find a rental property nearby. We suggest you contact the best property management companies in the area to help you find vacation rentals for your family.

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