Signs That Warn You That Your Home Needs Leveling Services

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

The foundation is what supports the whole house. The complete weight of the house sits upon the foundation and obviously, a house is pretty heavy. So, it is highly imperative that the foundations are super strong. The larger the building, the stronger had to be the foundation. A damage in the foundation can cause a lot of problems and these can quickly escalate if the problem is not given the needed attention. The biggest sign of a failing foundation is the house level sinking and sagging at several spaces. The damages can cost you more and more if you keep ignoring the signs.

The moment you spot the signs that you need house leveling, you need to call up professionals and get the job done. The question is how to spot the signs that indicate a need for house leveling. The signs generally hide in plain sight and that is why are easy to miss. So, to make sure that these signs do not go ignores leading to the house rumbling down, I have listed down all these simple signs. This list will help you keep your house standing firm without staggering.

Clear signs that you need house leveling services:

#1. The doors and windows jamb: There are several reasons for doors and windows to stick. If you have wooden doors or windows, they may swell up due to moisture during the rainy seasons. Also, at times, there are chances that the hinges are loose and that can be the reason for the jamming. But, if all these reasons do not apply, the reason may lie deep within the foundation. When the foundation starts to fail, the first parts that show the result are the windows and the doors. Due to the uneven base, they do not align anymore. That is why if you spot any unaligned or jamming windows, you need to get house leveling services.

#2. Gaps between the seams and the ceilings: A shifting foundation can create gaps between the seams of your walls and ceilings. These gaps start with small cracks which then slowly enlarge with time. These cracks are clearly visible if you are observant enough, you can spot these cracks. These small and harmless cracks may be a sign of something really huge. So, never delay calling the experts to check out the cracks whenever you spot any.

#3. Bent basement: Basements are the first indicators that your house needs leveling as they are nearer to the foundation than anything else. There can be signs like bent basement walls. A significant amount of shifting of foundation can bend the walls inward creating a bowed or skewed effect as if the walls are buckling in with the weight of the house above it.

#4. Constant signs of water damage: A failing foundation can create a new series of low points in the house. This means there are new points rainwater can run off to. Also, an upset in the alignment can distort your drainage system and can cause damages. The uneven low points can collect rainwater. This rainwater stays stagnant there and gives out a musty smell. If you keep finding new puddles of stagnant water, you should give your foundations a check-up. Also, if you need to keep getting your drainage system repairs frequently, the reason may not lie within the pipes.

#5. Crooked floors: A sinking foundation can affect the flooring of the house. The floors can get crooked. If you notice things rolling off on their own, it is high time that you got house leveling services. If the damage to the foundation is severe, you may even see the whole building tilt a little.

All these signs are warning sirens that need our attention. You spot any of these, you need to get house leveling service experts get a look at your foundation.


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