What Does it Take to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Running a business successfully is never a walk in the park. There is a lot that demands your time and attention as a business owner. You have to deal with employees, customers, suppliers, investors, competitors among others while still handling business uncertainties and changing dynamics.

Doing business in your home country can be a bit easier since you are familiar with the environment. However, it becomes a different story running one overseas. You have to deal with a different set of challenges while still learning about the business environment. If you are to be a successful entrepreneur overseas, you need to be equipped with the right skills. If you have been wondering what it takes to succeed overseas as an entrepreneur, here are some qualities that you need to have.

Delegation skills

Many business owners struggle with delegating or outsourcing some business processes for the failure of losing control. There are so many things that you need to learn when running a business overseas. If you insist on holding to some processes, you risk taking so much time learning and neglecting your core function of running the business.

For instance, you have to learn the complicated labor laws of a country if you have to hire and manage local employees compliantly. If you hold onto the process, it can easily take away your attention from your business. In this case, you need to let it go to a reliable PEO provider. Read these PEO reviews to settle on one who can provide the best PEO, payroll, and recruitment services. You will run your business better knowing that experts are handling some of the processes and there is no risk of running into legal tussles.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultures differ everywhere you go. You will find that how you do things at home differ significantly with the local culture. Some things might even be offending to you depending on your culture. Others such as routines and patterns might be completely off for you. However, people find it comfortable doing business with people who are willing to bend to meet them where they are.

If you are to succeed in a foreign land, you must be culturally sensitive to the different cultures that you find there. It starts with self-awareness, in that you understand your beliefs and know that they might differ from others’. You will be willing to learn the local culture, tolerate, and adapt to their way of life.


As said earlier, running a business in a foreign land requires you to learn a lot of things from laws and regulations to local and regional business environments and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, time and pace differ from place to place. You might find yourself in a country where it is extremely slow such that locals take time to adapt to technological trends. Of course, it can be frustrating if you come from a place where everyone is in a hurry. In this case, you are required to be very patient to allow processes to unfold with the locals’ pace.


The language barrier is a common challenge that you will encounter when working overseas. In most cases, you will find that working with interpreters is a challenge on its own. You are better off learning the language, which can actually earn you some points for your business.

However, the most important thing is to learn how to speak clearly. Most people are English speakers, but the problem comes when they can’t understand what you are saying. In this case, ditch the heavy accents and speak slowly and clearly. You will be able to have conversations going with almost everyone if you are well-spoken.

Good networking skills

Doing business overseas can be complicated since you are sailing in unfamiliar waters most of the time. You will need to work with local experts in most of your business processes if you are to be successful. However, identifying the best ones to work with can also be a challenge.

This is where your networking skills will come into play. You need to have strong connections with the local experts if you want to land on the best partners. In addition, strong network connections can open doors to worthwhile business opportunities in that foreign land.



Doing business in foreign waters is like a learning curve that you have to stay on until you learn all the loops required to navigate. The above skills give you a glimpse of what it takes to succeed in such a setup.

However, doing business is the same everywhere. You need to have other skills such as leadership, money management, problem-solving skills and marketing skills among others.

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