Ways to Prep for Your Vacation Before Leaving Work

Vacation is a good thing — whatever it looks like for you. Some people like to take a vacation and stay at home. Others like to travel across the globe to experience a new culture. Some just want to find a beach and sit there with a stack of good books and a cool drink.

Whatever your vacation dreams look like, I’m sure they are amazing. What’s not amazing is leaving work and coming back to your desk to find an overflowing email box and cranky co-workers who are expecting you to get caught up in no time. It can be enough to kill any post-vacation happiness you have.

The good news is you don’t have to abandon that stress-free, relaxed feeling you’ve achieved after your time off. You may have to do more prep work in order to make that happen. So, what steps should you take for pre- and post-vacation good feelings? This graphic has some great ideas.

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