How to Select the Best Insurance Plan for Covering Your Teenage Driver

If you have a teenage driver in your family, it’s important to get comprehensive insurance coverage that offers protection against certain liabilities on the road. Having auto insurance coverage is also required by law, and your teen will have a better chance of staying out of legal trouble with the right policy. Here are a few practical tips for selecting the best insurance plan for covering your teenage driver.

Choose a Policy with Affordable Family Add-on Options

The auto insurance policy that you already have may allow you to add additional family members without raising your rates dramatically. You can also try shopping for a family auto insurance plan that automatically covers all family members who are old enough to drive. Some insurance companies are known to charge much higher fees for covering teenage drivers, so it will be in your best interest to find a plan that can cover your teen at a reasonable rate while still providing the adequate coverage that’s needed.

Choose a Carrier That Provides Excellent Service

Choosing a carrier that provides excellent service is especially important for teen drivers who don’t have previous experience in dealing with insurance companies. You’ll want to do business with a company that supports your family values and is available whenever your teen needs assistance. Bear River Insurance and other respected carriers offer one-on-one service, which can be especially comforting for teens who need to submit insurance claims and want help with understanding the process.

Find a Company with Local Offices

Trying to communicate with an insurance company that doesn’t have locations in your area can be a frustrating ordeal and create additional hassles for your teen. It’s best to go with a carrier that has local offices so that in-person meetings can be scheduled whenever needed. Your teen can get personalized service easier by going to a local office where real people are ready to provide assistance.

Pick a Company That’s Selective

Choosing an insurance carrier that’s selective about who they cover can help your teen get lower rates on their coverage. If your teen can demonstrate responsibility to the provider, they will have a better chance of being accepted for coverage and can secure a rate that allows them to pay low monthly premiums. Companies that aren’t as selective may charge much higher rates without providing the comprehensive coverage that your teen driver deserves. This also gives an added incentive for your child to practice safe driving habits.

There are many ways to get a great insurance policy for your teen driver. If you’re willing to shop around for the best coverage and go over every detail of each policy option, you and your teen will have an easier time enrolling in the right plan.

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