5 Wallflower Tips to Nurturing Your Shy Child Into a Social Butterfly

Some children naturally gravitate toward other kids. They love being social and spending time with others. Other children prefer to keep to themselves. While it’s okay if your child doesn’t interact with their peers as much as other kids, they need to learn social skills. These skills will help them be happy and successful. 

Encourage their favorite activities

Instead of thinking about socialization, just give your child the chance to do things they enjoy. Whether it’s playing board games, skateboarding, cooking, or dancing, sign them up for classes or activities that they want to do. They will inevitably meet children while playing.

Celebrate big

A big birthday is a great way to help them interact with other kids in a fun environment. Children tend to get along better when there is ice cream and cake involved.  If you don’t know who to invite, do some of the work yourself. If they don’t have close friends yet then invite their neighbors and classmates to an arcade with a party plan with dessert and pizza. This can become an ice breaker and help them have fun wand make memories without having to come up with a game to play. These parties will help them learn how to navigate parties when they are older. Plus, it is a memory that will stick with them for a long time. It can act as a reference point when they talk to each other in the future. Break the ice for them.

Schedule play dates

Start getting your baby with other babies at a young age. They will need to learn to enjoy it whether they like it or not. Starting young will acclimate them to kids. As they get older, they will learn things like sharing and showing empathy to others.

Play outside

It seems that kids are glued to tablets and smart phones these days. While they claim to keep up connected, they can truly make us miss a large part of life. Take the phones and tablets away. Take them outside to the park or another kid-friendly place. They may even meet some children while playing.

Emphasize self-esteem

Social children generally have good self-esteem. It’s why they feel comfortable walking up to others and talking to them. This task may seem impossible to your wallflower child. Help increase self-esteem every day. Tell them when you like a particular outfit or way of styling their hair. You should also tell them when they are good at something or being particularly helpful. When they feel good about themselves, talking to other kids will be much easier.

Being a bit shy is perfectly okay. However, even shy children need to learn to socialize. Use these tips to help them get some friends and develop important skills in the future.

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