5 Tween Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Fondly Remember

When your children reach a certain age, they get more particular about their birthday parties. Kids that are too old for kiddie games, but not quite old enough to fit in with teenagers are stuck in a rut.  With these fun ideas for birthday parties, it will be a day that your child will remember and will actually want to invite their friends to have a good time.

Escape Room Experience

Escape room experiences are extremely popular right now, and you can find a local business that has these types of rooms. With this experience, a group of children will enter a room that is locked, and together, they must solve several riddles or puzzles to leave the locked room in a certain amount of time.

Make a Craft Parties

You can have a crafting birthday party for your child and the guests. Older children enjoy tie-dye crafts that involve making clothing items, such as scarves, T-shirts or shorts. This is a messy activity, so you might want to have a party on a warm day so that you can mix the dyes in containers that are outside a home. Children can cover their clothing with large trash bags that have holes cut on the sealed side for the neck. Children can take a tie-dyed scarf or clothing item home.

Amusing Tag Games

Look for a business that offers tactical laser tag games with fun modern devices that emit infrared beams. There are outdoor and indoor varieties of this game that help children to improve their hand-eye coordination while they are having fun finding targets. Children can play alone or with a team of other partygoers to have a unique experience at a birthday party.

Karaoke Party Sleepover

With a computer, you can access the internet to use YouTube videos that are online along with special microphones so that the guests at your child’s sleepover birthday party can sing-along with their favorite musical artists. You can expand the theme of this party by using musical-themed party decor, such as old CDs as table decorations. You can also give out party favors with a musical theme, including T-shirts with a singer’s image.

Favorite Takeout Meals

While sending out party invitations, make sure that the invitees contact you to tell you about their favorite takeout meals. Keep track of this information so that you can order a variety of foods from restaurants so that the guests at your birthday party can sample different meals. This is a buffet meal type of birthday party that can still include the traditional birthday cake and ice cream as a tasty dessert.

Talk to Your Child First

Talk to your child about the type of birthday party that she or he prefers before planning a budget and mailing the invitations. Today’s kids may actually prefer to send digital invites through DM. Ask your tween what they’d want and work with them. If they have a say they’ll be more likely to act like they care.

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