Types of Massage Therapy Used for Various Purposes

Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing muscle pain and muscle injuries. Its origins lie in ancient Greek, Chinese and Indian civilizations. These ancient civilizations firmly believed in the healing capabilities of massage therapy and used it to treat various ailments. To explain massage therapy in a single sentence, it can be said that it is a practice of applying pressure or manipulating a person’s muscle or soft tissue in order to restore it to its original shape and position, thereby enhancing the well-being of the body. Scientifically, this treatment method has been found effective and also poses no harmful side effects to the body as an aftermath of the treatment. But, it has to be strictly noted that if the massage therapy is offered by a person who is inexperienced or does not have a license, it may do your body more harm than benefit. As mentioned before, massage therapy originated in various civilizations. So, there are various techniques of massage treatment, each has its unique characteristics and a suitable technique is chosen based on the ailment of the patient. All these various massage techniques collectively are known as massage therapy. Here is a list of all the types of massage therapies to make you understand the vastness of this field of treatment:

Massage therapy

  • Therapeutic massage therapy: This is a modern type of therapy, renowned in Australia. It is also known as Swedish massage therapy. This technique is purely designed to enhance blood circulation and to make the muscles relax. This method also helps in relieving muscle and body stress and the body feels more energetic with improved blood circulation.
  • Baby massage therapy: This therapy is mainly for newborns, especially the ones who are underweight. This technique is extremely effective in helping premature babies gain weight at a faster rate. Also, this technique is used to cure problems like constipation and insomnia in adults.
  • Remedial massage therapy: As the name states, this therapy is meant for curing muscle injuries or body ailments with tissue manipulation. This treatment is elaborate as it includes 3 phases namely problem assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. This technique is also effective in healing biochemical dysfunctions within the body and restoring normal health and function.

  • Myotherapy massage therapy: This therapy is solely for soft tissue and muscle pain due to injury or dysfunction that directly affects mobility and movement. It is mainly concerned with the function and alignment of tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the body. This therapy can effectively ease chronic pain.
  • Reflexology massage therapy: This is a therapy based on the principle of reflex points of the body. A reflexology massage relieves pain and tension by putting more focus on certain reflex points on the hands, feet, face, and ears. All these points respond to pressure and stimulate the natural healing process of the body, thereby healing the ailment from the core.
  • Sports massage therapy: This therapy type is exclusively for people playing sports and related sports injuries. It is more of a preventive massage therapy employed to prevent injuries while playing. The course of treatment is solely based on the nature and the stage of training and the type of sport. There is a detailed assessment of the points of the body muscles that face the highest amount of pressure and need more flexibility. After this assessment, the therapy is employed which helps to prevent injuries and to facilitate overworked muscles to heal quickly.
  • Cupping Therapy: Although not a massage therapy, per se, cupping is often used in conjunction with massage. Cupping therapy uses glass cups. The cups are held open side down and a flame is used to heat the air inside them. Then, they’re placed at specific points on the body. The hot air draws the tissue into the cup and leeches out toxins, promotes blood flow, and more. You can find these services online. For example, Google cupping therapy Jacksonville if you live in that area.

All the above types of massage therapy are extremely effective. Though there are chances of slow results in some cases when compared to other treatment methods, these results are more beneficial as it involves eliminating the ailment from its roots and thereby making the body healthier than before. Also, there are no side effects in this healing process.


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