4 Tips for Finding the Right Family Car

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Everyone’s idea of the ideal family car is different. Some might prefer a lot of space for equipment and other might be looking for a more compact design that keeps fuel consumption down. No matter which design features you value the most, it’s undoubtedly true that all consumers looking for a family car place a high value on safety.

One thing that consumers should never do when they are buying a car is walk on the lot without first doing their due diligence. Researching vehicles and pinpointing what you are looking for before ever visiting a reputable dealership will ensure that you don’t drive off with the wrong car for you and your loved ones. Here are 4 tips to help guide you on your mission.

Assess All of Your Needs First

Consumers often act on impulse and make purchases that are not well thought out. Many have made this same mistake when purchasing a vehicle. Since buying a car that doesn’t check all of the boxes can be an expensive mistake that leaves you regretting your decision, it’s important to assess all of your needs first. Some of the questions to ask yourself include:

  • Where will the vehicle be parked? Is your driveway or garage big enough?
  • How many people do you need to comfortably seat?
  • Do you need easy access to car seats?
  • Will you drive in adverse weather?
  • Do you need fuel economy for a long commute?
  • Will you be towing other cars, trailers or recreational vehicles?
  • Do you need added safety features?
  • Are amenities like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi a must for you?

Look at Models in the Class

Family vehicles are definitely not one-size-fits-all. A midsize sedan could work for a small family who doesn’t tow anything just fine, but their neighbors may need a full-size SUV with 7 seats and storage capacity. When you are looking for a vehicle that you and the family will enjoy, you don’t need to just stick to one make or model.

It’s important to be open-minded if you are trying to stay on budget and still get all of the features you want. If you look up the class of the vehicle that you’ve had your eye on, look at the competition. You might be surprised to find that a brand you never saw yourself owning has the best options and pricing for you. Check out different dealerships, like Woody Sander Ford and other car lots, to compare the different pricing.

Look up IIHS Safety Ratings

Once you have a few front-runners in your search, you can visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and see how each vehicle is ranked in terms of safety. The IIHS performs crash tests on most modern models today when they are released. You can see how the car performs in staged front-end, side, rear-end, rollover, and crash mitigation tests. The IIHS also tests car seat latching systems to show consumers if they are easy to use.

Don’t Forget to Price the Cost of Insurance

You want a safe car, but you also need a model that you can afford to pay for. You can do your own homework at https://invoice-pricing.com/ as they have a calculator to estimate your monthly payment and then submit your information as part of an application to find a new car at competitive prices. It’s an excellent tool for purchasing a new car. Aside from the cost of financing, insurance is the second most expensive thing you take on when you buy a car. Make sure to request quotes for the cars you are most interested in to assess how much you will be spending each year in premiums.

You can find the right family car for a fraction of the price if you choose the right inventory off of a pre-owned lot. Make sure to buy from a dealer that inspects cars thoroughly and offers great service and financing options. If you do your research, you can find a family car quickly.

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