Top 5 Healthiest Human Foods to Feed Dogs

Puppies are treated with much care by dog owners. They provide their pets with everything they will need to live healthy lives. This includes food, shelter, walking, training, running and among others. Pet owners take a lot of care feeding their dogs as they treat them like their own kids.

Providing the right food to the pets will affect their performance. A dog with good food will always be strong and active. There are several kinds of dog foods available on the market that you can use to feed your pet.

Some vets also recommend providing certain human foods to feed to dogs. Here is the list of healthiest human food you can provide to your pet for extra health benefits. You can also get more ideas from

List of Foods to provide for your pets:

1.     Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter is not only a healthy food for humans but also for their pets. This food is packed full of proteins and vitamins. Peanut Butter will provide good health and make them strong and active. It is easily digestible food for your pets. You should provide peanut butter without salt to dogs as the salt can cause problems to your pet.

2.     Chicken:

Feeding cooked chicken to the dogs will provide the best-added vitamins to their diet. The cooked bones should not be included in this meal as they will cause health issues to your pet. The raw bones can be provided to your pet as they have several health benefits for dogs.

3.     Carrots:

The Carrots are the best ideal snack because they have high fiber content. They will provide the right vitamins to pets which make them strong and active.

Raw carrots can be provided to your pet if they love to chew a lot. There are several health benefits of feeding your dogs carrots. Carrots will stand first in the list of veggie food for dogs.

4.     Salmon:

Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for every pet. They will increase the right amount of vitamins required for your pet. You should provide cooked salmon as best puppy food for small breeds

5.     Apples:

If you want to provide vitamin A and C to your pets then Apples are the best choice. The apples slices will be a tasty and healthy food that your dog will love.

These are the top healthiest human foods you can feed to your dogs. Contributed by Robert Walker


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