5 Tips for Being a Better Adoptive Parent

An adoption agency expects certain criteria of potential adoptive parents, such as age or income range, duration of marriage, and other guidelines that suggest a stable and healthy environment. But every professional will also be looking for other traits considered requisite to raise an emotionally healthy child of any age. Here are some personal qualities you should be able to provide to be the best possible adoptive parent.

Have Fun

A sense of humor and a capacity to enjoy life are important. Smaller children love play, and even teens will feel more comfortable with parents who can share a joke or a good time. Laughter is always the healthiest way to relieve the stress and doubt of starting over in a new home.

Be Willing to Take Risks

Don’t expect that you can establish order and exercise full control right from the start. Especially with older children, there’s going to a period of adjustment for everyone. This is going to involve a lot of questions and a number of challenges, some of which may be complex or difficult. If you’re hesitant about doing whatever it takes, you don’t have the right attitude.

Be Tolerant

Your household is going to undergo changes. You may also be facing a lot of unknowns, no matter how well informed you think you are. With a child’s future at stake, it’s crucial that you be able to make adjustments and compromises so that the transition is as smooth and painless as possible.

Have Emotionally Intelligence

You should be open to the emotions of others, and have the presence of mind to express your feelings in healthy ways. Alertness and empathy for the feelings of a child are an important part of building a good relationship. But you should also be able to share your own emotions constructively so that you become an emotional role model.

Be a Team Player

During the adjustment period, you, your partner, and other family members should do what you can to make the new addition fit in. Ask questions and set boundaries, but be yourselves to provide a balanced, consistent environment. Feel free to ask for advice. A responsible adopt agency will help you find that balance.

It may reassure to keep in mind that nobody is a perfect parent, and even natural parents will make many mistakes. The fact that you’re willing to change your life to provide a loving home is the most endearing quality of all.

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