Protect Your Kids in the Water with the Oxyboo Smart Floating Swimsuit

Well, it’s piping hot here in Missouri which means we will take all the water time we can get. Unfortunately, the storms have been ruining that for us until this week. Thankfully, we got a little break in the storms and were so excited to get out into the water and break in our new swimming clothes. We were most excited about the floatable Oxyboo swimsuit my niece got to wear.

About the Oxyboo Smart Floating Swimsuit

Oxyboo has created a soft, breathable hypoallergenic floating swimsuit that is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and the child’s blood oxygen rate. The sensor is sealed in a medical grade silicone, fully encapsulated. This incredible technology in swimwear is launching this week just in time for the summer swim season. 

How does it work?

Comprised of three connected devices, the Oxyboo sensor gathers 16 measurements every second! It is designed to help parents know how their child is doing in an aquatic environment. 

The Oxyboo mobile app, iOS and Android compatible, communicates the data from the swimsuit to a mobile app so parents can stay informed of the child’s sudden fatigue or significant changes in heart rate and/or skin temperature.  In addition, the app will suggest if the water temperature is too cold or too hot and recommend breaks from swimming.

My niece is two years old and pretty tiny. She’s a great swimmer and loves being in the water, however, my sister and her husband have been unsuccessful in finding her arm floaties or a vest that fits her because of her size. She’s currently 27 pounds and a tiny little whipper snapper. This means, her play time in the water is spent more with dad holding her up than anything and was a real bummer until now.

At first, we were worried the Oxyboo might not fit since the smallest size starts at 30 pounds. We got a medium in the Starfish style, which gives her room to grow and worked perfectly. She wouldn’t stop wearing it all day long. Every time her mother took her out of it, she would disappear and return with it on again. 

She thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and, of course, loves the color it came in. It won’t take her long to grow into it since she’s growing like a weed. She was pretty happy she got to be the focus of the photoshoot as well. Let me tell you, she smiled for that camera and became the biggest ham.

Overall, the quality of the Oxyboo was amazing. It is soft yet durable for kids who might like to play a little rough. We have a lot of rivers we like to play in and it stood up to the rocks and tree limbs. Plus, it’s nice that it was fashionable and did a great job of keeping her head above water without being too bulky. It was nice that we didn’t have to have any extra floatation supplies for her to swim either. It was as easy as her slipping into her suit and that’s it. She even put it on herself which is the very first piece of clothing she’s put on alone, correctly. Oxyboo has definitely caught our eye!

Oxyboo intelligent floating swimsuit is machine washable and available for boys and girls in sizes small, medium, and large for children ages 2-5 years old. If you have an older child that could benefit from Qxyboo, hang tight. The plan is to roll out their new design for kids ages 6-12 years old very soon.

Visit their Kickstarter page for more details.

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