How to Make Moving Easier on You and Your Kids

Moving to a new location can be exciting, but it also comes with many challenges, especially when kids are involved. The kids can get anxious, and you may also find it stressful to let your kids cope with the situation. This article will guide you on a seamless transition that can make you and your kids less anxious.

Talk to Your Kids

Children often sense when things are changing. Even the very young ones will notice the changes and will start asking you questions. First, before you do anything, talk to your kids about your intention to move. This should include the date and the location you plan to move to.

Let the kids start counting down the days on the calendar. It becomes fun for the kids, and this can reduce anxiety. You should also regularly check and ask the kids about the progress and how they feel as the days move. Inform your kids about how things will be in the new location, and you can use pictures to enable your children to start visualizing the new location.

Make Sure You Have a Plan

Do a search for moving professionals, for example, moving companies Calabasas. Find one near you and don’t forget to read the reviews. If you have no plan, your stress will rub off on your kids and make them also feel stressed, coloring the whole move with an unpleasant aura. It’s important for you to be prepared for every outcome so that you can tackle any problem with ease, putting your kids at ease too. Know where you’re going, how you’re getting there, when you need to leave, and have all your shipping already set up. Whether you’re concerned about moving large furniture or motorcycle shipping, it’s necessary to have all this set up beforehand. 

Involve Your Children in the Moving Process

Children often get unsettled when moving. As you plan to move, it’d be best to get your kids involved in various activities. First, if your kids are a bit grown up, you can let them decide on a desirable neighborhood. You will be surprised that your children choose a place you also love.

Kids can also choose how to pack their items from the old home and decorate their rooms in the new home. This makes your children start looking forward to the moving day, enabling them to exercise control.

Start Packing the Kids Rooms First

While you may have many things to pack in all other rooms, it’d be best to consider packing the children’s items first. Once the children realize that their items are already packed, they will get relaxed.

If you plan to dispose of some of your kid’s items for new ones, ensure you first inform your children to avoid many questions when you get to your destinations. Kids will never forget all their things, no matter how old they are.

Before buying new items, involve the kids and be sure you buy what they like. It’d be better to settle in the new location and let your children relax first before going to shop for the new items.

Keep Your Kids Busy Always

When done with packing your kid’s rooms, you can now start packing items from other rooms. However, it would be best if you kept your children busy to avoid getting distracted. Children can distract you when they are idle, and this can delay the packing.

They will want to snack every 3 minutes or want your attention often. In this case, you can involve your family members, friends, and babysitters to take care of the kids as you pack. You will be surprised to accomplish your tasks in time because you will have complete focus and get things done faster and well.

Get Snacks for Your Children

If you want a smooth transition during the move, consider buying snacks for your kids. Whether the distance is long or not, your kids will always want to snack as you move.

Also, remember to carry water and some fruits. While you do not want your children to feel hungry, you should also consider giving them healthy food. This is not the time to feed your kids on junk just because you are moving.

The kids’ health is essential, and you should do everything possible to protect their health. You do not want to get to your new location with health challenges that could cost you time and money in the hospital when you need to be home unpacking things and arranging your new house.

Unpack Your Kids Items First

Once you get to your new home, it’d be best to unpack your kid’s items first. Arrange their rooms before moving on to the other rooms. You want your kids to settle down faster to enable you to focus on arranging your home. Set up the kid’s beddings and other furniture to let them rest whenever they want.

Enjoy Your New Environment

Using the tips above can make your transition seamless. It can be stressful at some point, but it may not be extreme if you give your kids priority in everything and ensure they are all comfortable before, during, and after moving.


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