BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Is a Clever Space Saver

If you need more light but don’t have a lot of space in your work area, the ScreenBar eReading Lamp is for you! It features an LED light that is auto-dimming. The built-in ambient light sensor instantly adjusts the brightness level automatically, creating the perfect amount of light for reading. or working. However, if you want to use the lamp as an additional light in the room you may manually adjust the brightness level for the desired effect.

The space saving feature is one of the top features in my opinion. The lamp clips onto the top of your monitor in seconds. Installation is a breeze.

Another great feature worth mentioning is that it does not tie up any of your power outlets. The ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp is USB powered. You can power it with your computer, a power bank, or a cell phone!

If that wasn’t enough, wait, there’s more. The Screenbar lamp also includes a “mood lighting” feature. You can adjust the lighting to “warm” to relax and replenish your energy or to “cool” to allow better concentration and boost work efficiency.

I find myself working late at night when everyone is in bed a lot and the added light from BenQ’s ScreenBar lamp has really helped me to see my monitor better without having to use my readers while working at my computer.

I’d also like to mention that the Screenbar e-Reading lamp is built tough. Lightning struck the other night and turned the lamp on while we were watching tv.  I was sitting right beside the desk when it happened and it really startled me. I thought for sure the light was going to be damaged. However, it still works perfectly. I am so relieved because I simply love my Screenbar e-Reading  Lamp. Everyone who works at a computer needs one of these!

The ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp is powered by BenQ, a world-leading technology and solutions designer with an innovative vision for improving the experience of life in every aspect since 2001.

Get yours today on Amazon.

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