Kelowna Kitchen Cabinets: Styles to Consider for Your Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you should consider not only functionality and practicality, but also the durability of the materials. As part of our everyday lives, a kitchen is a place that is used frequently. Having flimsy cabinets will only result in broken hinges, paint peeling off, and unpleasant damaged parts. 

When it is time to remodel your kitchen, you should consider a layout that is both functional, aesthetic, and durable. Check out these gorgeous examples of kitchen remodeling on Pinterest.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of all the best cabinet styles worth considering: 


Mixing and matching glass-front and closed cabinets are a great way to bring variety into your kitchen. If you want to incorporate a bit of see-through space into your cooking area, then it’s advised that you install glass-front units above the counters. 

Glass is very versatile, depending on your taste and style you can choose either a flat-front unit. This unit consists of one flat see-through glass door. Or you can opt for a cabinet that has several panes of stained glass or panes of clear thin glass. 

The great thing about glass-front cabinets is that they add extra space to a room. Especially small and dark rooms. It’s also a great way to display your beautiful kitchenware while keeping them protected.

There is also an option of adding extra lighting within glass-front cabinets to add extra highlighting to the room. For added pizazz, designers can choose to add a fun print at the back of the cabinet wall. 

As long as you keep your glass-front cabinets neat and tidy, and ensure the glass is always clean – it is a great style to incorporate into your kitchen. 


This is a traditional style that incorporates Colonial aesthetics. Cabinets within this style have different segments that consist of:

  • Horizontal wooden slabs that are known as rails
  • Vertical wooden side slabs that are known as stiles
  • A panel that is recessed into the middle of the stile and rail

When done correctly, the shaker-style cabinet adds drama to a kitchen. Even though it is associated with farms or country kitchens, the style has been modernized by adding golden accents and bold dark colors. 

Because this cabinet has a few inset areas, you will have to clean it regularly to avoid grease and dirt build-up. For more cabinet options, go to this list. 


This style consists of a few vertical slats of wood that are perfectly fitted together. This style isn’t perfect for someone looking for a minimalist or simplistic kitchen, but rather borderlines on a traditional cottage. 

Beadboard cabinets can either be used on the door frame itself or placed at the back of a front-glass cabinet to create texture. The other great thing about beadboard is that you can decide how wide you want the slants of wood. Whether you want to opt for a width of 3 inches or even wider, they can be made from MDF or durable wood. 


Perfect for those who are looking for a simplistic, modern, and minimalistic look, the flat-front cabinet is also known as a slab door. There’s no framing, added rails, or beadboard. It’s a clean design that most modern homeowners are pulling towards. 

The flat-front panel is great because it is an affordable choice and can be completely customized. Owners have the choice to paint them whichever color they please and either use hinges or sliding frames to install them. The option of wood veneer is also available. 

To give your flat-front cabinets an eclectic look, you can consult professionals about different Kelowna kitchen cabinets to find options suitable to your taste. The price will depend on the kind of wood used in the manufacturing of the cabinets. The flat-front is popular because it’s easy to maintain, clean, and renovate. 

Other popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets are unstained wood for a natural look, or plywood for an earthy appeal. 

As long as you keep in mind the practicality of the cabinets while considering the overall aesthetic, you’ll choose a cabinet style that’s right for you. 


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