How to Prepare Your Home and Property for Summer Storms

A summer storm can pop up in a matter of minutes, and some of these weather events cause an immense amount of damage in a very short period of time. If you live in an area that regularly gets heavy summer storms, then you need to have a comprehensive plan in place for preventing unnecessary damage to your home and property. 

Declutter Your Yard

The winds can easily exceed 58 miles per hour during a summer storm, and that can turn everyday items into dangerous projectiles. When a storm is headed your way, you should bring all of your landscaping tools and outdoor toys into your garage. You might also want to cover all of your plants and bushes with heavy-duty tarps that have been designed to repel water. The tarps themselves can be tied to trees, fence posts, or anything else that is going to withstand high winds. 

Plug in Your Surge Protectors

Investing in a few surge protectors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your electronics during a lightning storm. While most electrical grids have redundant safety systems, a single surge from summer storms could end up frying all of the electronic devices throughout your home. A surge protector is going to block or ground the incoming electricity if it exceeds a certain voltage.

Park Your Vehicle in the Garage

Even though some companies are now selling covers that are designed to shield cars from hail, those products aren’t always effective against summer storms. To fully protect your vehicle, you need to park it in your garage or under some type of sturdy cover. If you don’t have a garage and use an unpadded tarp, you may want to know your local auto hail damage repair options. One of those individuals will be able to fix those dings without cutting into the metal or removing any body parts should heavy hail come blowing through.

Protect Your Windows

There are many different ways to protect your windows from flying objects and high winds. The most affordable option is covering the openings with inexpensive pieces of plywood. Unfortunately, those boards can be very unsightly, and that is why many homeowners install hurricane film and storm shutters. Those upgrades add multiple layers of protection to your windows, and they are specifically designed for severe storms. 

While these few tips will greatly reduce your risk of serious damage, you might end up dealing with quite a few issues after a major storm rolls through. If your home or property is damaged, then you must file a claim with your insurance provider right away. Most insurance companies require their customers to file claims within just a few days of an incident, and you might not receive the compensation that you deserve if you miss that window.

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