Tips To Help You Pick Your Weekend Movie

There is nothing worse than planning a weekend movie night and not knowing what to watch! We have all been there, where we have got snugly on the couch and decide we want to watch a film… but we can’t find one. Well not that we can’t find one, but we have probably watched all the ones we would like to and sit scrolling through Netflix for the rest of the evening before deciding is too late to start watching a film. All is not lost, there are ways around this problem.


There are so many Facebook groups out there that suggest films, series, or documentaries based on your previous watch list. Believe it or not, there are people out there who like the same things as you on TV and suggest similar programs via topics or storylines! However, unless you are a member of these groups already and save them as a highlight, it’s unlikely that it’s going to save you any time at that moment.

New release websites

If you have a TV package that has something like Sky movies on, you can easily search new release websites to see if there are any new films that you want to watch. New release films will have recently been released from the cinema and can be purchased through your TV package to watch at your leisure. These films will be rented and are usually only available for 48 hours. If there is nothing you like on that list, you will be back at square one!

Open Movie Database

There is software such as open movie databases available to help you choose the best films for you. Yes, that’s a lot of letters to understand, however, this software is incredible and will always help you find a film that you want to watch. This type of software links review websites and translates it all into an app specifically for you. Due to the API saving your data in regards to what you like to watch, it will predict what you will want to watch in the future. This software does the same type of thing as the Facebook groups and the new releases websites,  but it’s all in one space. That is what this software is created for. Many different types of OMDb APIs are available for you to try for free to find the best one for your family’s needs/  TV likes and dislikes. However, ultimately they will always trump just searching on websites for answers. The way the API technology is made up means that it spreads its net far and wide and will filter the results back to you based on your likes and dislikes. How incredible that you can have a built-in film and movie choice app you can always depend on! 


This will mean no more arguing, no more wasted film nights, and no more searching through Netflix to find a film you will like! 

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