6 Sure Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

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Many people view counseling as a lost course. But many people who have gone to a counselor swear that it works. Counseling isn’t a fairytale, it works. But it only works when the recipients are open to it and ready to be helped.

If things have been rocky in your relationship lately but are unsure of whether you are ready to go to a marriage counselor, here are some key signs that it’s time.

  1. You can barely talk to each other

Truthfully speaking, most relationship problems are rooted in poor communication between the partners. This makes communication a key part of a healthy relationship and should be monitored closely since it can make or break your relationship.

If you and your partner can barely stand saying a word to each other, your relationship is on rocky ground and may break if the problem is not solved in time. An experienced marriage counselor may be what you need to help you get back on the right track and rekindle your relationship.

  1. You are endlessly stuck on the same issues

Arguments are a normal part of every healthy relationship.

However, getting stuck on the same issue and arguing about it every day is bad for your relationship. When you argue about the same issue for many days in a row, you fall into an endless pattern that draws more distance between you and your partner. Instead of sitting back and waiting for things to escalate, just visit an e-counseling platform such as e-counseling.com to browse through a list of experienced marriage counselors that can help you solve your marital issues.

  1. You cannot stop fighting with each other

While the occasional disagreement about an issue is not uncommon in many healthy relationships, disagreeing about everything is a sign that your marriage is hanging on by a thread.

It all starts with small unresolved arguments, which left unsolved, give birth to more opportunities for fighting, and sooner or later, you just cannot agree about anything. If you are ever in this situation, take action quickly and you could just save yourself from a failed marriage.

  1. Your sex life has dramatically changed

The sex life of each marriage is different and remains fairly consistent in the short run, changing slowly as you age. Rarely do healthy relationships experience sudden dramatic changes in their sex life unless they are undergoing marriage chaos.

If you’ve been experiencing any sudden significant changes in your bedroom, it is a clear sign that your marriage is going through some problems that could break after some time. It is also a sign that you should talk to a counselor and see how they can help you get rid of your marital problems.

  1. Everything your partner does annoys you (and vice versa)

Healthy marriages are characterized by understanding each other and letting each other be their happiest selves. This means that there are some things your partner may be doing that you are not okay with but you let them slide. This may be primarily because the energy required to turn a blind eye to these trivial activities is insignificant when compared to the joy of being with the person

You should never have to be annoyed with anything that your partner does. If the things you were okay with a few weeks ago have recently started annoying you, it’s a clear sign that the health of your marriage is at stake.

  1. You or your partner is unfaithful (or contemplating an affair)

Entertaining the thought of being romantically involved with another person is a clear sign that you crave something different from what you already have.

However, it is good to remember that before you married, and all through the time you’ve spent together, your relationship with your partner has always been enough. So when you want something else, it shows that there is a major problem in your marriage.

Having an affair is at the peak of marital problems and the next step could be separation or divorce. To avoid these adverse consequences of marital infidelity, you should consider seeking the help of a professional marriage counselor to help you work through your problems and save your marriage.


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