5 Great Ways to Liven Up Your Living Room

It’s easy to fall behind on home renovations and decorations, but now that we’ve all spent a year at home that old furniture and drab paintwork can really start getting to you. You spend so much time in your living room that keeping it fresh can give you a real boost. So, let’s go through 5 great ways to update your space and feel excited for nights in. 

End Tables

End tables might not be the first piece of furniture you think of, but they’re a fantastic touch that can liven up your room. They’re affordable and don’t take up much space, but they can change the way you use your space. End tables with lights or other ornaments are a great opportunity to show some personality and build levels and structure in your room. Give yourself more surface area to play with, get an end table!


The floor can make a huge difference to a room, and you should always pick the flooring which suits your space best. A carpet often makes a room feel cozier and warmer, while hard flooring can emphasize space and openness. You can use rugs to break your room into different zones, which can help to make the most of your space, or just to provide a little warmth and comfort wherever it’s needed. It’s always worth considering the pros and cons of floorings if you have children or pets, a hard floor is easier to clean!


Maybe it’s time to consider switching up your color scheme. Most modern houses are painted white or magnolia to make them light and airy. You could try this with your own room and see how it changes the space. Alternatively, try something new! Throw your favorite color on the wall and see how it looks, if it’s too colorful for the whole room, maybe it’ll work for a feature wall. You could even talk to a painter or designer and ask their advice on how to maximize that space.


We’ve mentioned it with the rugs, but zoning can change the way you use your room completely. Try turning your sofas at right angles to cut off a corner, then see what you could do with the rest of the room. You could have an area centered around a book case with an armchair to create a reading nook. Create a sofa and chair area away from the TV or socializing. You could even get a side table and turn it into a bar! 

House Plants

House plants are a time-honored classic of interior design. They brighten up a room and literally make it feel more alive. The benefits of a house plant don’t stop at the aesthetics, they’re good for your soul too! Almost everybody who has bought a house plant finds it boosts their mood, and having something to take care of can be very therapeutic. Make sure you pick the right house plant for your room, considering the amount of light, warmth and air it’ll be getting. 

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