When Should You Check Your Gas Lines with a Plumber in Sydney

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Sydney is one of the bustling cities in the world, attracting more than 15 million domestic and foreign tourists every year. It is typically included in most people’s bucket lists, especially to see up close the Sydney Opera House, one of the top modern wonders in the world. However, most people who visit the city end up falling in love with it. This explains why Emerald City is always growing. For instance, Sydney’s population grew by nearly 5% in 2019.

Sydney is also one of the coldest cities in Australia, with temperatures plunging to single-digits during the winter season. It’s why people are installing gas fireplaces and furnaces in their homes to help them cope with the bitter cold. In the same vein, gas fittings are also very convenient to power your stove and BBQ.

Not many are aware that a plumber Sydney has in its pockets can also work on natural gas lines. Some people think that they only specialize in water pipes, which is not the case. And while you can get away with DIY’ing your water pipes in case of leaks, cracks, or damage, you never mess with your gas lines.

But when do you call a plumber aside from the routine maintenance checks? Here are some ways to determine how:

  • If you smell gas — A gas odor that saturates the entire house is a clear sign of a leak, especially if you could not locate the source. If the odor persists even if you have already turned off the stove, then open all doors and windows immediately for ventilation. Evacuate the home and call in the plumber. If a strong smell is emanating from the meter, then you should call the gas company.


  • Dead spots — If you find a bald spot in your vegetation then it could be a sign of a leak. The dead vegetation could be caused by cyanogen, which would then be converted into hydrocyanic acid when it blends with carbon monoxide and water. The problem might not have reached your home first, so it is best to call a plumber in Sydney right away.


  • The fail-safe switch is stuck — Your natural gas line has a shutoff valve, which can be used for emergencies. The valve should be checked for functionality during the maintenance check. But you can also do it on your own by twisting and turning the valve to make sure it still moves. If it is stuck, call a plumber to fix it. 


  • The pressure is low — Even if you turn the knob up high but the flame remains anemic, then it could mean low pressure in the gas line. There are two possible causes of this–blockage or a leak. Another sign to look out for the color of the flame on your stove. When it comes to your stove, blue is code for fine while red or yellow could be a symptom of a deeper problem. 

Ideally, you call a plumber in Sydney every six months to check your gas lines for any leaks and danger. The gas company would only be responsible for repairs up to the meter and beyond that would be the responsibility of the homeowner. Maintenance is the key to safety, so you need to have one on your speed dial in cases of emergencies. Your family’s safety should be a priority over the expenses you expect to incur by contacting a plumber. 

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  1. Hi April, family’s safety is a priority over the expenses. Thanks for sharing such an informative article, a gas odour that saturates the entire house is a clear sign of a leak. This kind of problem is encountered by many people and your blog will really help them. Keep sharing!

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