Tips On Budget Bathroom Updates

Adam Chard, Bathroom Expert at Victoria Plum, recommends:

Simply update your taps and shower fittings

If you don’t have the budget to stretch to a full bathroom upgrade, why not simply replace your taps and shower fittings? Over time, it’s your brassware that takes the brunt of daily use. Limescale and water marks can leave the chrome finish looking dull. You’ll be amazed how big an impact a new set of sparkling taps will have on the overall look of your bathroom.

Keep an eye out for bundle deals

While it pays to shop around, many bathroom retailers, like, will offer excellent bundle deals, with big savings when you buy everything together. Keep an eye out for discounts on complete suites—not only will they save on delivery costs, they will also contain complementary items like taps and wastes, for a coordinated and stylish appearance.

Wall panels instead of tiles

Tiles can certainly leave your bathroom looking great, however, with grouting, shaping and the need to buy additional boxes, your costs can start racking up. One way of keeping to a tight budget, is to simply tile the splash zones within your bathroom (e.g. the internal walls of your shower enclosure, around your bath and around your basin). Another, more cost-effective, alternative is to use shower wall panels instead. Panels come in a range of stylish options, just like tiles, but are much easier to cut to size and install.

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