7 Finishing Touches to Add to Your Party

Have you ever felt like your party plans are missing something? Your expectations might be different to the result you end up with, so adding a few last-minute touches can make a big difference in how satisfied your guests feel after the celebrations are over:

Play some music

No matter what event or holiday you’re celebrating, there’ll be a few songs and tracks that fit perfectly with the atmosphere you’re trying to make. Picking the right background music can add some festive cheer or nightlife rhythm to any party, and might even convince people to dance

Use new utensils

You can’t have a party without knives and forks, but you could hit a low point by handing out mismatched or heavily-used utensils to your guests. It’s not hard to buy some basic sets and keep them for party use only, and it’ll mean that your guests will never be stuck eating with their hands.

Decorate your tables

If you’re hosting a party where all the guests are going to sit down for a large meal, don’t forget to decorate the table properly. Fake flowers, tinsel, a miniature statue or candles can all be excellent ways to carry the party mood throughout the entire meal.

Goodie bags

Goodie bags can be quite hit-and-miss, but if you’re planning on giving them to your guests as they leave, make sure they leave with a good taste in their mouth. You can by drink shimmers suitable for both adults and children – giving your party that extra sparkle and glam.

Dim the lights

Parties that keep going well past your bedtime will run into a few problems sooner or later: one of the most common ones in light, where partygoers have to choose between searing bright bulbs or complete darkness. Have a few dimmer light sources, like desk or floor lamps, to make the room less bright later in the day.

Drink decorations

Drinks are a really important part of celebrations, especially for seasonal events. Add some decorations to spice them up slightly: cocktail umbrellas, slices of lemon, Popaball’s bursting bubbles or even just food colouring can all change the way a drink looks and tastes.

Themed glasses

Like utensils, glasses can make or break a meal for certain people. Instead of randomly passing your guests random mugs and pint glasses, give them matching wine glasses or cups – they’ll appreciate how much effort you’ve put into planning the event out.


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