Five Beauty Products You Need to Pack While Traveling

Be it by plane, bus, train, traveling is one of the most extraordinary experiences that enriches one person’s life. Although it can broaden knowledge, culture, and sociability, traveling can also challenge one’s beauty Stress can have a say in her daily appearance.

Traveling as a full-time job all over the world is fascinating, but a woman has to pack her luggage containing suitable products so that her beauty is not touched by stress and long hours commuting from one place to another. When traveling alone, light packing isn’t essential, but smart preparation for the perfect trip.   

Today we are going to talk about a couple of products that a woman has to put in her luggage so she can feel and be beautiful in every corner of the world.  

The perfect day cream for your face

Your face is the essential thing in your appearance. Therefore you should always hydrate and moisturize it with the suitable day cream. Accordingly, with your skin type, you can use a day cream for normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin or sensitive skin. Using the proper day cream will keep pimples and thin aging lines away while traveling.

The appropriate hair products

Your hair is a woman’s treasure – old folklore says. Women from ancient times were hiding their hair when they got married to keep it for their husband – that vital hair beauty was. Traveling for a long time, sleeping outdoors, experiencing the change of temperatures from one place to another – all these can harm your hair. You have to be careful and use the best shampoo for your hair type and issues: dry hair, no volume, oily hair with the tendency of getting greasy, healthy hair with skin problems, and so on. Also, if you’re a water person that can’t be taken out of the water once you got in the pool, sea or ocean your hair needs extra care for a great look. Try to find the suitable balsam so the salted water won’t damage your hair or the scalp skin.

Moisturizing skin lotion for your body

Traveling in locations where the sun produces high temperatures and dryness can and it will affect your skin. You have to be very careful at what time are you exposing to those high temperatures and what clothes are you wearing. Not only that you won’t be seen as a famous person if you are showing your legs in Arabia due to local customs and traditions, but the sun will harm your skin. Using the body lotion for your skin can keep you out of the skin cancer condition or severe burns. Many people get burned even while going to the sea for tanning and water play because they are not using skin lotion, sunscreen or body cream when the body shows signs he needs it. Be careful at what your body is saying!

Your nails need proper care

Whether you are traveling or not, your nails are an essential feature of your look, outfit – whatever you would like to call it. People are paying high attention to your nails look, and they will judge you just by them. You can look messy, distracted, not caring or classy, sophisticated with proper nail art and care.

Every woman has to know that proper nail care means three things:

–    Basecoat

–    Nail polish

–    Topcoat and sometimes, when the nail is damaged from previous nail art: nail treatment to give the nail the strength and repairs it needs.

Spending long hours in the water: sea, pool, natural spring, can make your nail polish strip and the nails will look like you don’t take care of them. There’s nothing worse than that for a woman’s look. Choosing the best products for your nails is a lottery. You have to test and keep the products that work like a wonder for your nails type. Analyse the issues you have and then search for a solution.

Dont forget about your teeth! Your whole look or outfit is influenced by the way your smile looks, and I’m not talking about your lips, but teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can keep them healthy by reducing the sugar amount in your diet, not to talk about alcohol and smoking which causes irreversible damage your teeth. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is recommendable by most of the dentists. Also, another tip: halitosis or bad breath can be quickly turned off by chewing a plant called parsley which annihilates micro-organism living in your mouth.

Staying beautiful and healthy is a woman’s biggest desire. Due to extensive traveling, she can encounter problems which she can easily avoid by following these tips we shared with you today. Don’t forget the face, hair, body, nails, teeth! Once you have checked these, there’s nothing to worry!

Contributed by Oana


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