6 Exotic Plants to Brighten Up Your UK Garden

Some foreign plants are known for being hard to grow in the UK’s climate, either due to the cold weather, the strong winds or the heavy rainfall. However, there are a few types that’ll live comfortably alongside your normal flowers and trees, adding a little bit of exotic flair to your garden’s layout.

Palm Trees

As long as you can find a hardy species, palm trees make an excellent garden decoration during the summer. They provide shade, don’t need much maintenance and don’t shed hundreds of leaves during Autumn, making them a very convenient tree to grow – they’re often seen as a “beginner” tree for people who’ve recently started gardening.

Male Fern

The Male Fern is the exact opposite of the palm tree – it can survive anything except hot sunlight, so it’s best for darker concerns of the garden where the other plants can’t grow very well. Add it to walls or roofed porches to bring some nature into the shade, or leave it in clusters of other plants as a way of hiding exposed ground and concrete.

Scarlet Gingerlily

This species of ginger can turn out red, orange or even yellow completely at random, making them a very colourful option for any kind of layout. They grow best in partial sunlight, making them ideal for dimmer weather and shaded sections of your garden.

Bear’s Breeches

These tall plants can be invasive, but they grow much taller than most other plants, so they can work quite well as natural boundary markers. They’re known for growing well in wastelands, so even the most barren garden will be able to keep them happy, but they’ll still tolerate wet ground and partial shade.


As an evergreen, Bamboo won’t lose their leaves during the winter. You can see through them, but they still block movement, making them a great alternative to thicker hedges and fences. They grow fast in the spring, so you can set up an all-natural border in under a month.

Olive Trees

Olives are incredibly good for you, so growing your own can give a nice boost to your overall health! Not only that, but they come in so many styles and types that you can find one for any type of garden, no matter how cold and dark it’ll get. If you can’t get the ideal growing conditions or don’t want to protect the tree until it can survive on its own, certain companies like Olive Grove Oundle sell fully-grown trees.






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