The Ultimate Guide For 2021: Shaker Kitchen Design Options

When it comes to investing in a kitchen there is an abundance of design and styling options to choose from. Traditional kitchens boast a timeless aesthetic that suits the family lifestyle effortlessly whilst contemporary kitchens are fast becoming the norm for new property owners. The endless design options to choose from can be extremely overwhelming for first-time buyers and can lead to confusion around which option to go with. 

Why Choose A Shaker Kitchen Design? 

Shaker kitchens are by far a personal favourite for homeowners in the United Kingdom. Over the past couple of years, the popularity of these products has exploded and they are fast becoming the new norm for family households in 2021. Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets offer a style that uses flat centre flannels and sharp square edges to create a minimal design making it the perfect addition to any household.  

Shaker Kitchen In Copse Green

Copse green is often a colour that people decide to avoid when it comes to designing their new kitchen. Green is by far one of the least popular colours out there and for good reason, it takes some real design flair to pull it off but if done correctly the result can be outstanding. There are a few key benefits that come with choosing this design option but the main one for me is how unique it makes your kitchen.

In-frame Shaker In Carbon & Chalk Blue

The inframe shaker design is an understated connector design that blends in effortlessly with the modern world we live in. When paired with stunning carbon and chalk blue finishes, no design compares. The key advantage of choosing a modern colour scheme in your kitchen is that they complement all domestic appliances integrated within the space. Instead of the appliances interrupting the flow to the living space, instead, they add an added layer of beauty. 

In-frame Shaker In Porcelain & Sage

For those who are looking for clean modern aesthetics that blend in with the countryside surroundings this inframe shaker design option is the perfect solution. Taking advantage of a stunning porcelain finish that adds design elegance to any property, it’s a kitchen design that brings the family together on those warm summer evenings with a level of comfort that can’t be found elsewhere. Due to this neutral design colouring, the living space can be paired with any existing furniture scheme with no problems at all. 

In-frame Shaker In Partridge Grey

Grey kitchen designs offer homeowners a contemporary feel but with an added warmth that can’t be found elsewhere. The perfect balance between traditional and modern, this kitchen design can help fill a living space with a lovely cosy atmosphere which can be felt from the moment you step foot into the room. Paired with warm lighting and a comfortable furniture set, this kitchen design is the perfect living space for those who love to host friends and family. 

In-frame Shaker In Umber, Cashmere & Graphite

Bright and vibrant, perfect for summer bbq’s and parties, this kitchen design is almost guaranteed to lift your mood. Just imagine arriving home after a long day at work to a living space full of warm colours and beautiful plants, it’s a feeling that everyone deserves to experience. If you are looking to create a kitchen that becomes the beating heart of the home, this is the right design for you.


If any of these design options sounds like something you would be ready to explore, get yourself down to a local kitchen specialist and start the process of making your dream kitchen become a reality today. It’s an investment that you won’t regret. 

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