Tips For Gig Economy Drivers

Among the many unsung heroes of the pandemic, some of the most under-represented have been the delivery drivers of the world. As most of us have been advised to stay indoors and eating out has been restricted, more and more of us have reached for our phones and used one of many apps dedicated to bringing food, drinks, and other essentials to us. And, for many of us who have lost work due to the pandemic, the possibility of joining this army of gig drivers has some potential.

The greatest misconception about delivery driving is that it is easy. It certainly is not, and it’s also not lucrative if you don’t put time into it. If you’re looking to make an income from delivery driving or working for a rideshare provider, then it is worth knowing a few tips to help you maximize the benefits of your efforts…

Set goals, and increase them when you reach them

There are competing views on how much money you can make from driving for a delivery or rideshare app because different people make different amounts when they try it. The truth is that it will vary by area, how much time you can commit to it, and how much of a tip you get for doing the work. Take one day as an experiment, and see how much you make on the first attempt. Then consider how much you could make if you made a few changes which should become evident as you get used to the process. Give yourself a goal per week or month, and then look to see if there are ways to augment that total.

Set a realistic radius for journeys

There is, in many jobs, a solid principle of being prepared to do more to make more, and it also applies to driving jobs, but you need to be realistic. The longer a distance you’re prepared to travel, the further out of range you could be for the next delivery, and trying to cover long distances in short times can end up with you looking for a car accident lawyer. Instead, consider which takeouts or neighborhoods are within a reasonable radius for you – and if you’re not on delivery, drive out towards a popular location so you can deliver faster when you’re pinged.

Prioritize exurban areas, if possible

Most delivery apps accept drivers and cyclists alike, and this is something you should take into account. In metropolitan areas with high traffic density and limited parking, cyclists will naturally have an advantage in getting to deliveries quicker. They can weave in and out of traffic and go to the door to pick up and drop off. As a car driver, you’ll need to box clever, which means picking a patch with fewer busy roads. These are often trickier for cyclists and give an advantage to motorists, so always prioritize them over the high-density urban zones.


You can certainly make decent money by becoming a delivery or rideshare driver. As long as you know how to make the most of your advantages and scale up your productivity, you’ll give yourself the best chance of earning more.

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