What Can You Do With a Degree in Communications: 5 Career Options

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A communications degree covers the study of mass communication. These include mass media, advertising, designing technical communication strategies, including long-form articles and press releases, and technical company documents. It teaches students the art of communication and writing on different platforms in line with the brand strategy and image.

In the digital age, communications studies have expanded to include different social media platforms, websites, public relations, etc. It serves as a gateway to thriving numerous industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a communications degree earn an average median income of $54,000 per year. They also have a higher job growth rate according to the demand and size of the communications field.

This article guides the possible career paths for communications degree holders and the average expected pay rate.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are crucial in formulating brand strategy, building brand identity, and executing marketing plans. To be efficient in your role, you must have a strong understanding of customer communication and public relations. It will help you understand the market needs and develop marketing plans accordingly. 

You also need to be good at writing marketing plans with sales projections and action plans to present to the company. Your presentation skills and tactics will also help you become better at your job. 

You can earn an average of $69,590 a year with a Bachelor’s degree. You can start working at entry-level positions in PR, advertising agencies, or as a sales specialist. However, you can scale your career by enrolling in a Master of Communication Management Online without compromising your current role. It will enable you to land senior marketing positions with a significantly higher pay rate. The online master’s program is specifically for mid-career level professionals who want a promotion or want to work in a large-scale multinational firm. 

2. Digital Media Manager

The various digital platforms have significantly transformed how companies communicate and disseminate information. A digital media manager has to plan a digital communications strategy carefully to reach the audience within a specified timeframe and window. 

You can leverage online news networks, social media networks, and other digital communications technologies to place the company’s message. 

To be effective at your job, you must be aware of different digital media and social media platforms and the best SEO practices in the industry you aim to work. Your job will entail the following:

  • Developing digital content strategies
  • Online public communication
  • Planning and executing digital campaigns
  • Managing and monitoring the company’s social media pages
  • Telling brand stories with visual elements

As a digital media manager, you can make an annual median salary of $50,344. However, your experience and higher qualifications will enable you to increase your income potential. 

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3. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is a diverse yet transformative field with multiple job roles. It is an excellent career path if you possess strong communication skills and networking abilities and can manage the company’s public image.

A public relations specialist corresponds with the media, the public, and any other external parties on behalf of the organization. Their job is to develop and maintain a positive company image in the eyes of the stakeholders and customers/clients. They can also act as spokespersons or company representatives when speaking to the media, a news agency, or the public. 

They also work with digital media managers and marketing managers to develop compelling brand stories to get media placement. 

Moreover, they leverage market and customer data to develop public campaigns. They identify market opportunities and design programs to capitalize on them. 

You can earn an average yearly income of $47,736 as a public relations specialist with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or public relations. You can also begin gaining experience working for your school newspaper, volunteering, or interning at a PR agency.

4. Writer or Editor in Publishing

Writing on different platforms is the core skill you learn during your communications degree. If you are passionate about writing, have a way with words, or aim to work in a publishing house, this career path is perfect for you.

Working in a publishing house enhances your editing, book review, and writing skills. You can also write a book, publish it and become a published author. Similarly, you can work in journalism or write technical pieces for various companies. 

Your core job responsibilities will include:

  • Preparing and revising written content for publication
  • Restructure written content to deliver ideas and information effectively
  • Clear communication via writing

You can earn an average yearly income of $59,425 as a writer or editor in publishing or journalism. The minimum degree requirement is a bachelor’s in communications or journalism. However, you can always enroll in a master’s program if you aim for higher positions and salary.

5. Event Planner

One of the major skills required from an event planner is communication. The job entails scheduling meetings, meeting clients, and corresponding with suppliers. You will also need effective presentation skills to pitch to the clients and understand their event needs.

Event planning may take a lot of work. It involves careful planning, promotion, and communication with attendees and speakers. It mostly includes onsite fieldwork in event companies, convention centers, or hotels. 

Your job role may include activities such as:

  • Negotiating deals and contracts with suppliers and vendors
  • Researching the market and identifying best practices
  • Constantly dealing with clients and understanding their needs and demands
  • Coordinating logistics with transport, food and beverage, and technical support providers
  • Collaborating with the PR and marketing specialists to execute effective campaigns

You can expect to make a yearly average income of $41,179 as an event planner with a bachelor’s in communications or hospitality management. You can also scale your career with various event certification-training programs, as event planning can differ for different industries. 


A degree in communications opens many doors for you. You can choose an occupation that best suits your interests and career plans. 

You can work in marketing, advertising, public relations, publishing, journalism, or become an event planner. The degree also enables you to work in multinational organizations and acquire senior roles while increasing your yearly earning potential. With the current expansion of the field, you can expect career prosperity and job security in the long term.

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