Snapchat for Small Business – 3 Easy and Effective Tips

What is Snapchat?

“Snapchat? Isn’t that the app to maintain daily streaks with your friends? How can you possibly grow your business with it?”, 

We have always heard people exhaling in their business through social media. But, we mostly witness cases of Facebook advertisements or Instagram influencer marketing. When it comes to social media marketing, Snapchat is not the name we hear most often. On top of that, it is still known as the personal medium, popular for snap streaks and dancing bitmojis! 

Most cannot fathom the use of Snapchat that has informal caricaturish entities like bitmoji, dog filters, and the twenty-four-hour story spans for their official business purposes. However, ironically this impersonal and borderline comical approach is what will make Snapchat your best friend when it comes to launching your small business. 

It doesn’t have URLs, hashtags, and other complicated checklists of elements, unlike other platforms. It is just meant for your mobile phones and can allow you to create personal bonds with your customers in the early stage of your business.

Hootsuite is teaching people how to properly build their small business with Snapchat through its well-versed guidelines. 

Three Easy and Effective Tips for Using Snapchat for Your Small Business

  1. Snapchat can help you reach a newer audience.
  2. Snapchat will allow you to know your customer on a much personal level 
  3. The Snapchat interface is very innovative for your business campaigns. 

Snapchat Can Help You Reach A Newer Audience

  • 60% of people aged between 13 to 34 use Snapchat. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, Snapchat is not just for young teenagers! 
  • Through this platform, you can reach out to newer audiences every day whether your target is widespread or much niche. 
  • Kickstarting a business and getting your first recognition is the most crucial part of any startup. So, rather than getting intimidated by elevated platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook [Want to know whether com.facebook.katana is malware?], you can start the initial promotions in Snapchat. 
  • This will give you early leverage before you jump on to other social media outlets. 

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Snapchat Will Allow You to Know Your Customer On A Much Personal Level

  • Ever wondered why we are always fascinated with the idea of behind the scenes in movies? Because that humanizes the characters we see on the screen, brings them down from the pedestal of fiction, and puts them among us. 
  • There is no better platform you can opt for when you also want to impersonalize your business exclusively for each potential customer. 
  • Post your behind-the-scenes stories and not just the end product with Snapchat and humanize your business. 
  • Through your stories, you will get to see the customers in the form of avatars and use this opportunity to survey what your customers want. 
  • Not to mention, your replies and stories will reach them in seconds. 

The Snapchat Interface is Very Innovative for Your Business Campaign

  • Yes, emojis, Bitmojis, or filters don’t sound like very intricate marketing elements. However, one can’t deny the vibrancy and visually aesthetic that it will bring. 
  • With the depleting attention span of humankind, attracting their attention through short moving video clips will create awareness. 
  • It can be used as a natural business booster.
  • The influential power of today’s youth can also be put into practice through the platform. As a result, they can come up with more innovative ideas to bring your business to the audience. 

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The Best Part of Snapchat

The feature of quick stories will bring about a sense of urgency in your viewers. Make your snaps interactive, let Snapchat tell a story about your business, and also create a sense of trust and transparency!

Make sure everyone can see your stories! Reward your viewers for supporting your business with coupons and codes! Show your satisfied and happy customer faces in your stories to attract more potential out of your business! 

Through Snapchat, you will understand that your business is no more a one-way street but a web that will create a sense of a vibrant atmosphere. Remember, we always love a business that constantly asks us what we want! 


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